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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Has One More Secret Beyond 100% Completion

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The "Super Secret Meme Room" is the final destination

We're big fans of Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition here at Nintendo Life, awarding the colourful action-platformer Metroidvania adventure 9/10 in our review. A major part of the appeal with the Wii U eShop title is that even when the adventure is defeated there's more to do, with additional challenges and new abilities making 100% completion a tantalising possibility.

Yet, there's more even when you reach 100%. The developer has been teasing the fact there's a room to take the completion percentage to 101%, and has told our colleagues at sister-site Pure Xbox that it's a "Super Secret Meme Room", with the back story behind this area below.

Since the release of the original Guacamelee!, there had been some discussions online about all of the game references and internet meme references in the town areas of the game. They were a fun inclusion that started off as background dressing; a way for members of the team (mostly the Art Director, Stephane Goulet — who did an awesome job on all of them) to inject of little bit of themselves into the game's world. We never intended for them to become as much of a focal point of discussions as they had become.

Feedback was pretty universal: people loved the game references throughout, but weren't so keen on the internet-born memes. So, during the development of Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, while doing a graphical polish pass on the environment, we decided that we'd take the memes out.

It wasn't until late in development of STCE, when Steph, the Art Director and Jason, the Level Designer hatched a plan. The memes would live on... and then some. They built a secret room, full of memes (and powered by a script called: "LaserLightShow"). There's a unique chest in the room, containing a special reward for players that can find the elusive "meme room".

This room is apparently only available in the STCE edition and requires the Goat Fly ability — assuming this isn't an elaborate prank. Pure Xbox does have a screen of the mystery room, so hit up the link below to check that out; we're passing the spoiler buck on.

Have you hit 101% completion in Guacamelee: STCE? Will it drive you crazy until you do? Let us know.


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outburst said:

I haven't bought/played this game yet on the Wii U since I don't like the visual style. Which reminds me I should try to download my Steam version ( which I bought ages ago and never installed. Damn you Steam sale) then maybe it will change my mind. This game has been praised everywhere I look.



ricklongo said:

Ooooh, you don't say? And here I was all proud of having accomplished a 100% rate (which is not easy by any means). Man!

I think I do need some sort of hint if I'm to dive back into the game, however. The world is too big for me to just blindly look for the room.



Tsurii said:

@ricklongo the article on purexbox has 3 hints, but...I have no idea what the last (and most important one) means tbh.
That 100 on my first savefile is kinda bugging me already



ricklongo said:

@Tsurii897 I just saw those hints, and now can't wait til I get home tonight. Is there a troll (the actual fantastic creature) in the game somewhere? After reading the third hint, that's the best I could come up with ouside from just assuming the room doesn't exist.



ShadJV said:

@ricklongo I don't recall any troll in the game... I really don't know where to start and am not sure if I want to go back to the game just to search for a room that may or may not exist...



E_Blackadder said:

I've been playing it on the X1 since it came free with their gold program and was surprised at how much I got drawn in. The chances of me completing this game are slim to none since the last time I finished a game goes back to King Quest 6 or something like that. Damn you 24 hour days!!!



DRL said:

@ShadJV It exists, my friend (not the troll necessarily, but the secret room). I found it a couple months back, and I'm providing everyone with the same three hints that I received from Jason at DrinkBox.



Spoony_Tech said:

Still waiting for a sale. I want it but have plenty else to play while I wait. Plus Teslagrad is coming!!



ricklongo said:

I'll try to muse about the hints in this post, so possible spoilers ahead.

Maybe they mean "trolling" as in "fishing"?

There's the fishing village (a new area, which fulfills hint #1), so maybe that would be a good place to start. There's the large-headed fellow right at the entrance, and unless I'm mistaken he's fishing. I did explore that entire area (with the Goat Fly, no less) and the most secret-looking thing I found was the room with miniature villains.



ShadJV said:

@DRL Well, then that's good to know but honestly, the hints still aren't clicking much, I can't make much of the third one and I don't feel like combing the entire environment repeatedly (as I already have one looking for extra secrets and appear to have missed it), but eh. I won't lose sleep over it.



ricklongo said:

Well, I think I found it. But I can't quite figure out how to access it. Hmm...

EDIT: Okay, got it. It is real, folks.



sketchturner said:

How intriguing! I bought this game at release but have been making my way through it slowly since I only play when my little brother can come over for co-op. I'm guessing we're about 2/3 of the way through. The game is fantastic, and I'm really loving how well the co-op works. Except when we mess with each other by switching dimensions constantly. Hehe...



sketchturner said:

BTW, for anyone on the fence about this game, don't hesitate. While I am not attracted to the Mexican style, the game has so much personality you can't help but love it. Definitely one of the best eShop games available, right up there with Shovel Knight.



DRL said:

@ricklongo Congrats!! More and more people are figuring it out now, and I'm pumped about it. It's definitely tricky, even if you know where the entrance to the room is located.



Shane904 said:

@ricklongo Does it have the Pedrobear poster? I know that it doesn't show in the other areas on the Wii U version that are in the PC version.



Drawdler said:

Love when games have areas you can only reach after 100%! It reminds me of all the trouble I had with the Super Bonus Round in Spyro 3...



SKTTR said:

A yellow door appeared on the map in the Canal stage. When I went there it was gone. Weird bug. Missed posting a screenshot...
Wasn't the secret door though. That one was somewhere else in the area.

Anyway, this secret gave me incentive to finish off El Infierno.
Have 101% now

PS. You don't need 100% to find the secret.



shigulicious said:

@Spoony_Tech it is ( or at least was a few days ago ) on sale right now on the360. It was $7.50 I think. I bought it . I wanted to support the WiiU, but this sale took my money.

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