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Siesta Fiesta Patch Goes Live in Europe

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Fixes a medal saving issue we didn't know existed

We're big fans of Siesta Fiesta here at Nintendo Life, as it takes the classic Breakout formula and shakes it up with scrolling levels, power-ups and varied environments. At a budget price it's a reminder that enjoyable, great value games with a high level of polish are still possible.

It clearly wasn't perfect on day one, however, as developer Mojo Bones has released a patch to fix an issue that apparently occurred with saving medal data — we can't say we've noticed the issue ourselves, but it's fixed anyway.

As stated in the post above and verified on our own humble 3DS, the update is prompted when you try to load the game and available right now in Europe, with North America to follow.

Had you noticed an issue with medal data, and are you enjoying Siesta Fiesta? If you've not yet picked it up, perhaps our review and fellow gamers can persuade you.

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6ch6ris6 said:

omfg this took forever! i can finally play the game properly! too bad i dont have time to do it right now



polarbear said:

Great! Hope we will also see a patch soon for the 3D effect glitch on some levels.



Spoony_Tech said:

I knew about it if only because of a 3ds friend of mine. The dev took the time to let him know that there is a work around while they are working on a patch to fix it. I praised the dev for taking the time to help out the users on Miiverse. I wish more would do the same. Miiverse has been a nice tool for the devs to see how reaction is and of if they need patches.



sinalefa said:

The dev mentioned it on NL's Siesta Fiesta forum thread

Hopefully it comes to NA soon.



dkxcalibur said:

I got Siesta Fiesta, Scram Kitty, and two more mini games on Rusty's Real Deal Baseball about two weeks ago. I love the Rusty mini games, no regrets there. I strongly dislike Scram Kitty and regret spending $5 on it. I don't care for the controls as they seem very clunky. At first I didn't know what to think about Siesta Fiesta, but the more I play, the more I enjoy it. It's currently the #1 played game in my house on the 3DS. My son has slowed down on Tomodachi Life because of it, and I've placed Fire Emblem on the back burner for now because of it. I love the "pick-up and play" feel of the game. Oh yeah, and it feels very fresh & unique.



zool said:

I don't agree with that this game is good. It is a poor copy of a Breakout game.

The graphics are good but the game play is poor. The bat is far to close to the lower bricks causing the ball to bounce off a brick and return quicker than the bat can be moved. The game does not work on a horizontal screen.

I am wondering if some reviewers actually play these games before they score them.



MojoBones said:

Hi everyone. As always, thanks for the kind words and support. US patch should be with you soon. We're also working on getting the soundtrack online as an apology for the launch issues. Stay tuned.

@dkxcalibur - that's great news. Some impressive games we've bumped off your 3DS list there It's always amazing when we see people liking our work. Never ceases to amaze us.

@DandyDermont - Thanks!

@Spoony_Tech - Miiverse is a really good way for us to keep in touch with players, and from a dev POV, it's a really unique feature/tool. We'll be looking to set some scores on Miiverse as soon as the patch goes live in the US.

@zool - We're sorry to hear you didn't like Siesta Fiesta. Agreed, the controls can take some getting used to. We've helped some players on Miiverse that were having trouble, and the general consensus seems to be that if you stick with it, things start to fall in place. Thankfully, most players seems to be enjoying it.

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