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Gallery: Exploring the Pokémon World Championships in Photos - Day 3

Posted by Jake Shapiro

They want to be the very best, like no one ever was

The Pokémon World Championships in Washington, D.C. wrapped up today, with champions emerging victorious in a dazzling spectacle of wit and Kangaskhans. Canadian Andrew Estrada was crowned the winner of the Trading Card Game Masters Division, while Korean Se Jun Park took home the Masters Division gold on the X & Y side of things; you can check out the full list of finalists on the Pokémon website. Savour our photo gallery of the final day's proceedings (and of course, click to enlarge):

Our first two days of photos can be found here and here; if you haven't checked it out yet, yesterday we also had a chance to interview the Pokémon Company's head of marketing, J.C. Smith. So what did you think of this year's tournament? What are your expectations for next year? Sound off in the comments section!

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NameDifferent said:

@JakeShapiro I know, honestly the tournaments would be that much better if everyone was just using their favorites, I know its a tournament but still. Would've kept the theme of being the best without being like the rest.

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