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Power Rangers Super Megaforce Is Morphin' Its Way To 3DS This Fall

Posted by Damien McFerran

After the last game, the only way is up

If you can't get enough of the Power Rangers then you'll be pleased to hear that Bandai Namco is producing another Mighty Morphin' adventure for the Nintendo 3DS, due for release later this year.

Following on from Powers Rangers Megaforce, the imaginatively-titled Power Rangers Super Megaforce will see players facing off against a massive alien armada intent on crushing the earth. This time around, the team of heroes will be able to transform into Super Megaforce Rangers — but the usual assortment of Zords and Megazords will once again make an appearance.

Here's what Herve Hoerdt, Vice President of IP Strategy at Bandai Namco Games Europe, had to say:

Our collaboration with Saban to entertain kids has always been fruitful, proof with the last Power Rangers Megaforce which encountered a huge success! This time, the game will offer to kids several amazing features such as controlling various Legendary red Rangers, using incredible powers, Zords and much more! Once again, our kids will be the hero in this stirring battle against the evilest foes they will ever encounter!

We didn't think much to the previous Power Rangers game on 3DS, giving it solitary one star out of ten. "If you happen to see Power Rangers Megaforce on the shelves, don't make eye contact — you'll only get its hopes up," is what we said in our review. Will this sequel be any better? Time will tell.

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ryanator008 said:

I got the last one, hated it, and traded it in to Play 'N Trade within a week. This is coming from someone who still likes Power Rangers.



ikki5 said:

is the only way up or will this create a new way of seeing low.



Firoy said:

Meh, I hate all Power Ranger games since the N64. The Super Nintendo ones where kind of good tho, I'll stay whit those.



Knuckles said:

Hopes are not set high at all. I am interested for the sole hope that some of the older rangers are playable.



Dooyoo said:

Things can always get worse before they get better. Maybe this one will go for a zero. And thank you Nintendo Life for reviewing the last one. I have nothing but respect for sites that review bad games. It needs to be done. If bad games weren't reviewed, then whats the point of reviewing games in the first place? Reviews of bad games are also the most entertaining.



Nintendzoey said:

Bandai Namco make me laugh so much. Here they are, releasing what is probably another shovelware title.
However, they were the same company who released "Disney Magical World" over in Japan. Even though that game scored mostly very positive reviews and was a chart topper over there, they did not see the need to release it to the Western world. Nintendo themselves had to be the one to bring it over (well, at least to NA).
So what is their deal? Do they think releasing good games over in Japan but bombs elsewhere is a good way to do business?
At least they are helping Nintendo with the new Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3ds though.



KnightOfNothing said:

Dino Thunder was the last season of PR I really enjoyed. Everything after kinda just dropped in quality (except for maybe SPD, but my point still stands). Same for the games.



Retro_on_theGo said:

I hate how they gave it a super generic name like Super MegaForce. Seriously!? It's like they're ashamed that Japan tried something awesome by making them pirates this time.



LunaticPandora said:

Ugh Power Rangers needs to die. Ironic how the original creators ended up making the show a bigger embarrassment than Disney did. A stain on the once amazing show.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

I thought that Saban (or whomever owns MMPR) was keeping up with the Super Sentai seasons by now? This source Material (Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger) is from 2011. Are they skipping Series again? (still mad about Dairanger quite frankly that I loved that show)



AshFoxX said:

It warms my heart the number of times " Morphin' " appeared in this article. No interest in this though as the last Power Rangers game I owned and enjoyed was the Genesis fighting game. The movie game for Genesis was pretty sweet too, if not a bit repetitive. I stopped watching half-way through Zeo anyway.



Mega719 said:

The last Power Rangers game I played was one on the PS2 that's when I thought they were cool. I haven't seen them but what I see and hear the Nickelodeon shows are poor attempts to rebrand the Rangers (apologies to fans) with bad license games it's hard for me to tell what is so on cool about them anymore

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