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Another Hyrule Warriors Live Stream is Scheduled for Tomorrow

Posted by Alex Olney

The hype train's reached its platform, but it isn't slowing down

Nintendo and Koei Tecmo really are putting their all into promoting Hyrule Warriors in Japan. This morning we had the Niconico broadcast telling everyone to expect a Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct from Nintendo of America next week, and now it's been revealed that there'll be yet another Niconico live stream tomorrow — Friday 1st August — that'll focus on content from Twilight Princess.

Nintendo seems to be putting a lot of faith in this game and is clearly making it as apparent to everyone as possible. The fusion of both the Dynasty Warriors and Zelda franchises will likely draw fans from both series into one huge – possibly gelatinous – amalgamation in order to further the Wii U's hold on the Japanese gaming public.

To accompany this development, the fans have been gifted a brand new TV trailer to enjoy, which you can see below. It's in Japanese but that shouldn't stop anyone from enjoying the pretty colours.

Tomorrow's broadcast will take place on 1st August at 8:30pm in Japan, which is 4:30am Pacific / 7:30am Eastern / 12:30pm UK and 1:30pm CET. The stream is hosted by Niconico and you can find it by clicking here at the correct time.

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Genesaur said:

Sheesh, more streams AND a dedicated Direct? Nintendo sure is pulling all the stops for a game that I'll probably give a few playthroughs with my preferred characters, and then never play again.

I don't know if that's how everyone plays Warriors games, but it's what always inevitably happens for me.

I'd much rather see this much attention paid to Bayonetta 2, instead.



AlexOlney said:

@Splatom I think it's safe to say Smash will be getting just as much coverage closer to its release - particularly the Wii U version as it's Nintendo trying to sell what is essentially the same game with different features.



ModestFan93 said:

@AlexOlney Dunno if it's just me but in hoping that the Wii U Version gets more advertising. Since it's gonna be everyone's preferred version.

Man I hope somewhere along the line Online finally gets confirmed and Voice Chat.



0utburst said:

Yeah I hope Bayonetta will get at least half the treatment. I'm more interested in what I've seen on Bayonetta than HW. I hope the direct next week will convince me to like Hyrule Warriors.



Gold said:

Hyrule Warriors hype must be thru the roof if Niconico is doing a 3rd stream. Then a Direct. I will play this game, just not on launch.

@pumabread That was Pikmin 3 last year.



Jimmy_G_Buckets said:

This game should give the WiiU a significant boost in Japan but I'm not too sure about other regions. But it's a game with tons of Zelda fan service, so if they release the special edition stateside, I can see a lot of us lining up to pick up our chests,scarfs and clocks. Oh and the game too.



Tsurii said:

@shigulicious well the decision was kinda ingenious: make a Musou game on Wii U for Japan and Zelda game for the west with just one title. They literally hit 2 birds with one stone and I'm sure it will sell pretty well (for a Wii U game ofc)



Emblem said:

Hyrule Warriors in in the top 5 preorders in Japan right now so it makes sense to build as much hype as possible.



Kolzig said:

I wish Bayonetta and Xenoblade will get this much coverage when those are close to be released. The Wonderful 101 should've gotten also this much, even one dedicated Nintendo Direct to that would've been awesome.



Kolzig said:

@Tsurii897 Really? Ahh, I must've missed it then as I didn't have a Wii U yet at that point and just made an assumption... thanks for correcting my error.



mudmask said:

I'm trying so hard not to watch anything else from this game to make sure it stays fresh... but there's literally new stuff coming out every few days!



RaphaBoss said:

OMG, Zelda looks gorgeous in this game. I really like the art style in this one, Zelda has the best model, specialy wth that Armor/dress that looks awesome. Sorry Link, you're in second.



Naatiska said:

All these streams makes me confused. Well, I will just wait for the North Americas/Europes Nintendo Direct.

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