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Cruel and Cuddly Platformer Chubbins Sent to Nintendo for Approval

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Hopping for a June release on the eShop


Go on, say it out loud.


We last reported on this challenging-looking platformer with its perpetually bouncing bunny in March, when developer Dahku Creations announced it was bringing the title to the Wii U eShop. According to new word from Dahku, the Wii U version has now been completed and sent to Nintendo for approval. A June release is anticipated, depending on the speed of the approval process, with an expected price of $5.99.

Chubbins was originally released on the iOS, but the creators are hoping its higher level of difficulty will find a better home with Wii U players. The game spans 40 levels over 5 worlds, offering both "Soft" and "Hard" difficulties. There will also be a Time Attack mode for those set on hurtling roly-poly rabbits through murderous landscapes in the fastest ways possible.

A firmer release date is expected in the near future. In the meantime, bounce along to the newest trailer below:

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So Chubbins, or are you more Chubbins? Feel free to Chubbins your Chubbins below. Chubbins.


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TwilightOniAngel said:

Okay this looks terrible and the price for the is $5.99? I would pay one dollar for this cause its not worth the money or time, in my opinion.



Phantom_R said:

Instead of zooming out when granted a larger screen, why do so many platformers zoom in instead? Visibility can make or break any game.



BearClaus said:

Looks to be a Percy's Predicament-style indie eShop title. I don't know whether to think, This is damaging to the eShop's quality over quantity image (which is a load of crap anyway)! The eShop is being made into an App Store, and that is not a good thing! or, Nintendo has made it so accessible to create and publish games that anyone can and should get in on the fun! The Wii U could always use more support, after all! The eShop is being made into an App Store, and that is a good thing! * shrug *

EDIT: Oh right, hasn't been approved yet. It could be, though. (Play With Birds was approved for WiiWare, so I'm inclined to think that anything goes.)



ricklongo said:

Well, I love myself a hard platformer, so I'll bite when it's on sale for like 99 cents. It really doesn't seem like it's worth six bucks.



brooks83 said:

I could have sworn I read somewhere that the developers decided to wait on releasing the game due to all the negative feedback on the visuals, but maybe I'm thinking of a different game. In any case, this game looks fun to me so when I get my Wii U I will download it.



redivgamer90 said:

The game doesn't look to bad. It looks pretty challenging, but at least it looks better than treasurenauts!



TromaDogg said:

It looks decent, it's another game for the Wii U library, and people are complaining? Nobody's forcing you to buy it.....



MrWalkieTalkie said:

@brooks83 it was this one. The developers were sorta upset after all the hate they got. They now say that the Wii U version is updated from the iOS version, with smoother graphics and more vibrant and detailed backgrounds.



sinalefa said:

Seeing this reminded me of Siesta Fiesta, and that I am not sure when is that releasing.

Regarding this one, it is not that pretty but it could be fun.



dahkuToby said:

Hey all! I'm one of the two developers behind the game, in case you didn't see me in the previous Chubbins post.

Wow, so much negativity... again. Can't help but wonder if it's just the "coming from iOS" thing, which is a shame since we never liked that market/platform to begin with; while it was designed with iOS in mind, we feel that Chubbins should have been on a Nintendo platform in the first place. We're porting Chubbins because we feel it's a quality title that deserves a second chance, not to make a quick buck while turning the eShop into the next App Store.

Regarding the "looks like crap" attitude, well, what can we say? We like the graphic style ourselves, and regardless, Chubbins is most definitely about the gameplay over everything else and offers a solid platforming/speedrunning experience with plenty of content and replay value.

Anyway, our sincere thanks to everyone who left some positivity behind! If reviews are favorable and you give it a try we hope you'll enjoy it.

@Phantom_R Afraid I don't really understand your comment. Chubbins was left with exactly the same "zoom" as it had on iOS (which the game and its levels were designed around), only now at 1080 widescreen as opposed to potentially getting clipped by a 4:3 iPad. Visibility has never been better.

@GreatPlayer Is there something that strikes you as "inconvenient" about the controls in Chubbins?

@TimLatshaw Thanks to you and Nintendo Life for covering us! We really appreciate it. And glad you like the name Chubbins (I hope?). Funnily enough you're not the first we've seen to latch onto and keep saying it in such a fashion. XD



Lobster said:

Kinda ugly, kinda meh, but the eShop could always use more games and the review could surprise me. I do already own Kung Fu Rabbit though for my rabbit themed platformer.



mastersworddude said:

For all the Nintendo stans here usually screaming "Gameplay over graphics!" constantly, you guys sure are judging this game quickly off of screenshots.



GreatPlayer said:

@dahkuToby This game reminds me of a particular type of old-school platformers in Genesis and SNES era. I am not particularly fond of a character bouncing non-stop. Perhaps I will change my mind if there is a demo to try before I decide to buy.

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