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Space Shooter Cosmochoria Lowers Wii U Kickstarter Stretch Goal To $25,000

Posted by Conor McMahon

Development technicalities ''a lot more doable'' than originally thought

Kickstarter projects are rarely without their changes somewhere along the line. Stretch goals can be added, new features can be implemented and fan response or criticism can even have an impact on the final release. During our last Kickstarter round-up we wagered that the amount of funding needed to see quirky shooter Cosmochoria on Wii U made it an unlikely release at best. As of today, however, that amount has dropped significantly from $150,000 to a much more realistic $25,000 stretch goal.

As part of the project's latest blog post, developer Nate Schmold has revealed that he is now a fully-approved Nintendo Wii U developer, and the process isn't quite as complicated as he first assumed.

I have been looking at the process and I am confident to say that the technicalities of getting Cosmochoria on the Wii U is a lot more doable than I originally thought. So much so that I am moving the Wii U stretch goal up to $25,000. I am also going to ensure that PC Gamepad support is now available at launch time... so it is now already included in the base goal!

This is huge and it basically means if we hit $25,000 in the campaign, I am fast tracking a Nintendo Wii U version of Cosmochoria as my development priority after the fall Steam Launch.

Great news for any Wii U owners that were already charmed by the game's colourful visuals and suitably spacey atmosphere.

At the time of writing the project has raised close to $16,000 with 14 days left in the campaign. If you don't want to see this title drift off into the endless void then you can visit the Kickstarter page for more information.

Has the lowered stretch goal heightened your interest in this project? Be sure to let us know with a comment below!

Thanks to Nate for the tip.

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PanurgeJr said:

I love being able to help produce games that deserve some help, but since gaming doesn't rise to the level of charity I won't donate unless I will be able to play the finished product. That means that when Wii U is a stretch goal I'm not pledging until the stretch is met and I'm guaranteed a copy for my platform. So the lower goal doesn't change whether or not I'll look at it, just the odds of me doing so.

If it does hit the stretch goal, I could pledge, or I could wait until it releases, so there's no effect on whether the game comes to Wii U at that point, and it's basically a preorder. There's one key difference, though, that may get me to pledge, and not wait--if you pledge, they get your money early enough to put towards the game. If you wait, it will hopefully be a well-earned profit, but it can't affect the game.



DreamOn said:

These kickstarters always want to tap into the very active online Nintendo community cause it can mean $$. All these met Wii U stretch goals from these various kickstarters better deliver and not just fly by night like that Sunbreak Games Studio Nintendo Life helped promote by a faint promise of "looking into Wii U" when the kickstarter got desperate.



mantrakid said:

Thanks so much for the feedback guys (and nintendolife for the update!!)

@WiiULoveGBA - if anything, the what was perceived as insurmountable WiiU stretch goal initially was based on a couple things: one was an estimate provided to me on the work that would be involved to prepare a WiiU Port, the other being that I honest to god was not well enough informed to set a realistic goal.

When I set the $200,000 goal i was effectively saying. "If we reach this point in the campaign, i will be in a position to do what needs to be done to make a WiiU port happen." And I couldnt confidently say anything otherwise, so it's not so much that it was an accurate reflection of cost, but more of a 'If we get here, I will have the resources available to make this happen.'

When I began to dig deeper into the possibilities of the WiiU Port, and was approved as a WiiU Dev, I was able to actually see the level of support provided as well as many other details that allowed me to confidently make a truly informed decision about what could be done about a WiiU Port. Seeing just how feasible the possibility was was the primary reason for bringing the stretch goal way down closer to the base goal.

The same could not be said for Vita/PS4/XBoxOne ports / stretch goals unfortunately, as those ports would effectively need to be rebuilt from the ground up, or have similar technologies to what Nintendo is offering for development in order to make it more feasible.

I hope that helps explain my position a bit more. Thanks so much for checking out the game, though. I appreciate any feedback, criticism or analysis you can provide me.



Tops said:

@mantrakid You seem honest enough in your explanation and I hope you reach your new Wii U stretch goal, but it's sentences like "it's not so much that it was an accurate reflection of cost" that make me not very fond of Kickstarter, as a consumer.



AyeHaley said:

Ok this got me interested! Shame I don't have a working paypal account or creditcard...or money even haha. Ok why am I getting depressed.



DreamOn said:

@mantrakid I actually really and very much appreciate the lowered stretch goal after checking out your kickstarter earlier this week. I should clarify that my comments speak to other kickstarters I've seen that dont ever bring their Wii U stretch goal down to a level that would communicate a real consideration for the platform or the kickstarters that just flat out know they are only teasing support of the platform. So again, I can certainly appreciate your research here where others, at least for me, haven't quite demonstrated as much. The game is looking really compelling though, and props on the Wii U approval

I do love the kickstarter opportunity that indie devs have now. it's a good thing so far in my opinion.



EverythingAmiibo said:

HE USED THE WII U PROTOTYPE MODEL!!! xD look at the picture with the gamepad running the game. Somebody searched "Wii U Gamepad with hands" on Google images



mantrakid said:

(Edit: this was meant for @TopLaytonsHat )
There are multiple levels to this and with being on the sticks end of the Ouya debacle I know first hand what it's like to expect something and be delivered (or not) something that doesn't meet those expectations.

Regardless of it's intended use, when dealing with a kickstarter campaign people truly have an expectation of receiving something for $X knowing that it costs roughly $Y to produce. When i was setting up the stretch goals for Cosmochoria I admit I was not thinking of the value of the goals as 'estimated costs from a customers position'. I was thinking of the higher stretch goals as 'new opportunities based on higher resources' — looking entirely from a developers position, and that is where I think the disconnect happens. Adjusting the stretch goal came from a reanalysis of the priorities and resources available to actually achieve that goal.



Razzle said:

After hearing how passionate this guy is I couldn't help but chip in with $9.



Tops said:

@mantrakid Your honesty and transparency are genuinely refreshing. It's definitely nice to get insight as to the reasoning behind the decisions a developer makes.

All the best with Cosmochoria!



mantrakid said:

@TopLaytonsHat The pleasure is all mine, my friend. It's so awesome to be in direct contact with cool people like you who question and think about the industry in terms more than just from a gamer perspective. I appreciate your honest questions - you have every right to ask them. Just so cool to have an intelligent discussion on the internet every once in a while. Respect.

@Razzle - you dazzle my snazzle — thanks for the support! I'll contact you on KS with a downloadable version so you dont have to relegate yourself to the browser version to try it out.



MamaLuigi said:

That's always good to know when it turns out Wii U development is easier than expected. XDD



andrea987 said:

@AyeHaley Time to cook up a kickstarter, if you ask me.
Jokes aside, not my favourite genre, but it looks very nice. All the best to the dev.



JustinH said:

Backed it. Loved the look of it before and was debating chipping in, but bringing the Wii U port down got my cash no question.



ProudasaPeacock said:

Kicktraq says it's currently trending towards $27,000, so it looks like it'll make it!
That's not even counting the inevitable boost when the projects nearing the end



mantrakid said:

Thanks so much for the support everyone, I appreciate it and look forward to bringing you an awesome game.



luminalace said:

I actually just backed this game and then came here and saw this article. It looks fantastic!

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