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Australian Classifications Out Western Releases For Mighty Final Fight And Mega Man Xtreme

Posted by Damien McFerran

More vintage classics coming to the 3DS Virtual Console

New ratings from the Australian Classification Board have revealed that Capcom's Mighty Final Fight and Mega Man Xtreme are both bound for the west.

The former was originally launched on the NES back in 1993. It takes the basic gameplay of the original Final Fight and applies a cute spin. The Japanese 3DS Virtual Console release happened in January.

Game Boy Color title Mega Man Xtreme came relatively late in the life of its host platform, launching in 2000 in Japan and the following year in the west. It arrived on the Japanese 3DS Virtual Console in December last year.

We've no word on exactly when these two titles will be launching in North America and Europe, but the moment we do we'll let you know. Are you excited to get your hands on these? let us know with a comment.

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Capt_N said:

I'd say "first comment", but there would be no point. Anyway, I'm looking to MMXtr. I'm also looking forward to the sequel. Sad that somebody else doesn't give us release dates that are even fairly/somewhat accurate(eyes shift toward Nintendo of America/coughSMB3cough, ahem ).

I do know that, if you're like me, MMXtr has good chiptune variations of the themes found in the first 2 SNes titles.



FX102A said:

How ironic and appropriate then that I started playing through the Megaman X Collection 2 days ago.

MMXtreme will be an insta buy for me. I know I have one if the 2 Xtreme cartridges I picked up cheap but can't remember which one.



PrincessEevee9 said:

@Capt_N Why would you want to be that obnoxious person to always say first anyway. I wish I had faith that this will see the light of day in America.



unrandomsam said:

@FX102A Using what controller ? (I want to play X4 but not with the Gamecube controller and I haven't found a reasonable alternative - the Hori Controller is more than a Saturn and the best version of X4).



FX102A said:

@unrandomsam I'm actually playing it on a modded PS2 (though still with a 3rd party pad that has a more suitable d-pad). Shame cos I do own that Hori Pad that looks a bit like a SNES pad, good for playing GBA games on the GC GBA player (though I need a GC Component Cable).



TwilightV said:

We've known about MMXtreme for a few weeks now. Its releasing next month, along with Xtreme 2 and MM2-5 on Game Boy. They're even having a promotion to see which game releases first.



ogo79 said:

yeah usually when people start complaining we just keep scrolling down and dont finish reading the complaining comments.
mighty final fight will be good nevertheless



Giygas_95 said:

I think recently I've seen more complaining about people complaining about no SMB3 than I have seen people complaining about no SMB3.



Senate_Guard said:

I really enjoyed Mighty Final Fight when I used to own the Capcom Classics Mini Mix for GBA. I'll gladly download it when it comes to the West!

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