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Disney Infinity Executive Producer Discusses Wii Version's Limitations

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Won't be drawn on future Wii support

Disney Infinity arrived late last year with a big task on its hands to take on the all conquering Skylanders franchise from Activision, yet it's had a solid start — it was one of the top 10 selling games in the U.S. in 2013, and has enjoyed spells of out-selling its major rival.

With its Toy Box mode and continually expanding range of toys, it'll be interesting to see how Disney iterates this title, as it's been described as a multi-year "platform" multiple times. The scope of what it offers does vary, of course, and though this was one of the few major releases on Wii last year it naturally had limitations. Our colleagues at Family Gamer TV recently had the opportunity to speak to the game's Executive Producer, John Vignocchi, about the differences between the Wii version and its equivalent on Wii U and other systems, and he acknowledged that the experience isn't quite as broad.

For what we are doing in the Toy Box mode, having a system with the horse power of a Wii U, 360 or PlayStation 3 is really the best place to participate. You can make your toy box larger and have on-line play as well.

The question remains whether Disney will release a new packaged game this year, as Activision inevitably will with Skylanders, or whether it'll evolve its 'platform' through more toys and downloadable updates. The money may talk and drive a retail release, and if so it'll be intriguing to see whether the Wii will eke out another iteration; Vignocchi would not be drawn on the topic.

Did you get Disney Infinity on Wii, and if so what did you think? The full Family Gamer TV interview is below, meanwhile, which also takes a look at the new Phineas and Ferb figures and content.

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Pod said:

It's obvious the entire art direction of the game was designed around having to look good on the Wii, while at the same time uniting all the different Pixar and Disney universes.

With the next game (supposedly) not coming out on Wii, it'll be interesting to see what they do with the character designs. Do they retain the "blockiness", or will they take it in a new direction?



MrGawain said:

At least we know both this and the next Skylanders game are going to support the Wii U 3rd party style....



DualWielding said:

off all videogame trends this is the one I hate the most, really paying 60 for a game then having to buy toys to unlock the content, people complain about DLC or microtransactions but this one is the worst.....and people want Nintendo to do this with pokemon, I hope they never do, or at least not on a mainline pokemon game



rjejr said:

@ferthepoet - The toys aren't meant to simply "unlock" in game content though, they are made to be played with. They aren't "cheap", but have you seen how much Lego sets cost these days? And actual Pokemon "toys" action figures, play things, whatever you want to call them, cost almost as much as these, so might as well have the toys unlock stuff in game. For adults who don't want toys to play w/ these games just need to be ignored. And I agree, not a mainline Pokemon. Did you play Pokepark 1 and 2? I dont think that was geared at adults either, Pokepark 3 would be great for this.

Not having this come out on the Wii is good for Wii U. There really shouldn't be anything coming out on Wii at this point, it's been about 18 months since Wii U launched, time to move on.



FrozenFire295 said:

@ferthepoet Thats why I prefer skylanders. Buying characters are optional and not needed to unlock anything other than hats. I overall just found Skylanders more enjoyable than disney infinity. Despite my love for the toy box.



bigtig said:

they need to release some new toybox vault toys immediately... my vault is empty. i dont have all the characters and the ones that i do have arent even maxed out. why would i buy more characters if they wont unlock anything at all?



Pod said:

I agree, Skylanders is MUCH more enjoyable than Disney Infinity.

Probably not wholly unrelated to being made by Vicarious Visions.



aaronsullivan said:

Cool thing for owners of the Wii version: All your toy purchases will be useful in the next version or even if you just decide to upgrade to another console version with the current game.

I'd say there's a 101% chance there will be a new Disney Infinity game this year. The game was built to handle a year of toy releases. The last bit of toys is releasing in a month or so.



Dark-Link73 said:

Huh! I thought I read somewhere that Disney is already developing the next Infinity with Star Wars figurines (among others) this time around.



aaronsullivan said:

It's confirmed that Disney is working Marvel and Star Wars into Infinity games. Whether they are compatible or mix in with the same toy boxes remains to be seen. It seemed like a separate pair of games, though.

Either Disney Infinity is going to get a massive patch update or there will be a new Infinity proper this year as well because the toys are running out and it has been more successful than expected.



Mickey said:

@Pod Actually, the art direction was based around making all the characters look like they could all conceivably exist in the same universe.



Pod said:


Indeed, and I believe I stated that as well.

But it was quite possible the game would sell the best on Wii (which it also did,) so it had to really look good on that system, which I think influenced the design process quite a bit, going with rather blocky edges, for lower poly counts, and no super-thins because of the rather low resolution of the Wii and the distance at which you'd bee seeing the character a lot of the time.



Mickey said:

@Pod Woops. ^^; Didn't see that part!

Honestly, though, I think the blocky edges were there to enhance the whole "Figures come to life" aspect of the game.



Zobocop said:

Considering this and every installment of Skylanders has sold best on the original Wii, it'd be silly to think Disney wouldn't make the next one on Wii also. However, I'd rather they didn't. Nintendo needs to find ways of getting people to upgrade to Wii U.



TenEighty said:

Have both Disney and Skylanders on the Wii (not Wii U). Skylanders is annoying as there is a bug that will crash the game often. I've read that you have to turn off Wii updates or something in order for the game not to crash. That's just bad programming / beta testing on Activision's behalf.



LoveSugoi said:

Probably not a smart decision on their part to not do a Wii version but that's good news for the Wii U. I can already see those Infinity bundles filling up toy catalogs.

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