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Weirdness: Purchase This "Nintendo Dolphin Prototype Console" at Your Own Risk

Posted by Liam Doolan

Ever wanted to own a Nintendo development kit?

Of course you have.

Before your very eyes is an elusive and very rare development kit for Nintendo’s sixth generation console - the Nintendo GameCube. Also codenamed "Project Dolphin" back in the day.

An eBay seller from Canada, who has been a member of the site since 2005 and has a user rating of 100%, has currently got this purple hardware up on a sale page for 4+ days going for US$276.00, at the time of writing. The seller is willing to ship to Canada, USA, and Mexico, but nowhere else.

Moving along to the finer details, the item is listed as “Used" - having signs of cosmetic wear - and was once, "used to make games for Gamecube." Despite this past life, the seller assures potential buyers the product is still fully operational, and functioning as intended.

If you want to get your hands on this extremely rare piece of kit, head over to the sale page now and check it out for yourself. For any doubters, the seller has attached and photographed a few extra bits of information about the system: Nintendo Dolphin Prototype Console NPDP-GDEV. There is also a sticker shown, listing the system as, "Confidential Property of Nintendo", with resale prohibited.

If you do bite, be careful, because it cannot be guaranteed that it’ll be a smooth or safe transaction. According to the sale page it’s also, "Paypal only", with, "no return or refund." Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Thanks to Steve for the tip.


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RichRadEx said:

Sheesh, I never would have thought a gamecube prototype would look like..THAT



Tasuki said:

.My question is if its suppose to be Nintendo's and resale is prohibited will they go after the seller?




Thats not a prototype, its a development system. These come up on eBay all the time because they are useless without the PC software and all the hookups, which you rarely get. Still a cool collectable tho.




Some more info: That big gray cartridge slot holds a NPDP cartridge, which is basicly a hard drive that holds a games rom software. They were incredibly fragile and very expensive. There is another hardware piece called the NPDP Reader, which is a red-ish GameCube with a NPDP cartridge slot instead of a disc drive.



Everly said:

Update: Ubisoft found out about this and delayed all games for it so it could release the titles on the development kits of the PS2 and original Xbox.



Knuckles said:

I think it is legal to buy, I see Genesis games with the "Not for Resale" label on them all the time on eBay.



FullbringIchigo said:

@Knuckles technically your not allowed to resell any game or system you buy it says so in every instruction book you get with them (because you only technically buy a license for the game not the game itself hence why downloading copies is illegal), but most of the time it's not a problem because when you sell a game you could call it a license transfer from you to the buyer



Monkeh said:

Paypal actually always gives you the option to return your money if you end up not receiving your purchase or if the purchase is faulty, even if the seller himself doesn't want to give money back.



Stu13 said:

This is the ultimate 'conversation piece' for any Nintendo collector. That thing would look reeeeal nice parked next to my GameCube.



unrandomsam said:

@Monkeh You can use a credit card and a new account and do a chargeback if you need to. (Better to avoid doing one if you can).



BestBuck15 said:

Buyers will get some protection with Paypal. What makes me laugh is this is after selling for $286 (I think), yet a piece of junk game cart worth nothing sells for $100,000.



tanookisuit said:

That doesn't look like a prototype to me it looks like a piece of development equipment. When you work on GC games back in the day you had a large box like that and the games went onto these huge plastic boxes with a handle on the end that plugged into that jack. In turn you'd take it to a maroon colored looking gamecube that would read those portable drives to play the game. I guess the theory was it would be cheaper in the long run than buying a bunch of discs, and it would be more stable and quicker.

I worked for MIdway in San Diego back throughout 2001 and through 2002 and ended up using this device as I was on the team that did Defender, plus I had helped out also with NHL Hitz 2002 and Gauntlet on the hardware on the side.



TySoN_F said:

Oh wow, the Gamecube has been my main console for collecting and overall is probably my favorite console of all time. To have that would be like my Holy Grail I guess xD I'd rather have a Panasonic Q though. I do hope someone gives that prototype a good home.



MC808 said:

I do think this is a prototype. That's why it's called Dolphin instead of GameCube. Otherwise it would be a "GameCube devkit". Just a thought. I'm sure it also served as a devkit, a prototype one maybe. Come to think of it, every prototype system would be a devkit...would it not?



retro_player_22 said:

The no resale thing had being printed on a tons of things, it really makes no difference. If people wants to resale it, they will since the original company doesn't had ownership of them anymore. Here's some examples:





And I'm sure there are lots more too, thing is these stuffs are rare and could go for a lot of bucks if they are still in working condition though I'm not sure why the original Sonic the Hedgehog game can't be for resale as it wasn't a rare game, probably had some feature in it that are exclusive to this version perhaps, I'm not really sure. These proves that resale of rare items are legal as long as the item isn't stolen.



tanookisuit said:

@RCMADIAX Yes I did, the last credited project I did. Worked as a backup on the team, evaluated technical requirements by Nintendo for standard naming, button/icon and save procedures. I also created the secondary control setup C and D on there which is annoying it wasnt primary as the lazies at Midway were happy to leave the game with no way to strafe and fire like on ps2 and xbox, and I went around them through email to the developer and submitting a hybrid starfox64/turok inspired control scheme that allowed it to be done. Never play Defender with the defaults as its incomplete.



tanookisuit said:

NFR on games just means it was a pack-in deal or that it was a demo kiosk game that is complete as partials are labeled as demo usually. This isnt 100% but covers most. I have a NFR GBA Mario Golf, its 100% normal with that on the label so it was at a retail stand somewhere before.



tanookisuit said:

@MC808 Internally the GC remained in coding the dolphin. Publicly it is aswell as all product codes on the system, controllers, and the rest are DOL-### not GCN or NGC-###. The cube itself I think would be DOL-001 on the label o the bottom of the system.



Anderson08 said:

@SmashMario I have the blue box, and the purple GameCube bit. Do you know anybody who is interested in this kind of thing or the best place to get a valuation?

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