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Adventure Thru 8-Bit Land is Another Wii U eShop Title From a New Developer

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A side-scroller with homages to the classics

Barely a day passes at the moment without more download-only games being confirmed as in the works for the Wii U eShop, as Nintendo's indie-friendly policy continues to bear fruit. The store seems to be a destination for newcomers, too, with Adventure Thru 8-Bit Land currently in development by R & P Studios; it's planned as a Wii U eShop exclusive.

With off-TV GamePad play set to be included, as well as support for the Wii U Pro Controller, this is shaping up as a retro-inspired side-scroller. Below is what the studio has said to us so far.

The game starts off in 16-Bit World, with an 8-Bit ambassador wanting the Bit War to end. Paul, the guardian of Princess Hannah, notices that the ambassador looks familiar, and he's revealed to be the evil wizard. The wizard proceeds to kidnap the Princess and also takes Paul back with him. Paul has to Adventure Thru 8-Bit Land to find and save Princess Hannah, vanquish the evil Wizard and end the war on graphics, before all games are gone for good. There's more to the story line on the website I made for the game.

The gameplay is really simple: It's a side-scroller. Not much more needs to be said, but there will be many homages to the various Nintendo Franchises, Kingdom Hearts and other famous 8-Bit genres, in terms to the story and some gameplay elements. All I have to show of the game as of this e-mail is the logo and a website, which will hold all future updates for the game.

That website linked above also explains that the studio is entirely new and "learning how to make video games, but we understand how it takes to make a good game or anything good: time, effort and patience." This is an early announcement, too, with 2014 as the vague release target and no screens or assets to show as yet.

It's another download-only title on the way, nevertheless, and an exclusive to boot; we'll see how it progresses in the coming months.

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Lance168 said:

Looks pretty cool... Nintendo fans will have a lot of indie stuff to look out for!



Spoony_Tech said:

Well the story is a interesting take that's for sure. Take your time and remember games are suppose to be fun!



gp993 said:

dustin_g and WiiLovePeace and Spoony_Tech

are you speaking abot Brave Ball ?


(it's better continiu speake about the brave ball in IndieDB or It's FaceBook Page)

(control's are almost good)



IronMan28 said:

" Not much more needs to be said, but there will be many homages to the various Nintendo Franchises, Kingdom Hearts and other famous 8-Bit genres, in terms to the story and some gameplay elements.." I'm confused, I thought KH started on PS2...



bahooney said:

One of my biggest pet peeves is when devs/fans/whatevs call something "8-bit" solely based on it being pixelated. There's a clear cut definition for 8-bit, and I can tell from this header that it doesn't quite cut the mustard.



TheRealThanos said:

"Oh no! Flakey website, cheap logo, strange email address, no in game shots, nothing known about this developer and/or any of his previous work, so this MUST be fake, right?"
But seriously: if they manage to get the homages to older games right, then they will more than likely also get the atmosphere right and then this will be something potentially interesting and worth looking out for.



JustinH said:

@MrWalkieTalkie Excellent profile pic. Speaking of hipsters, you'll be able to tell everyone you were into Rusty's Real Deal Baseball before it was cool.



Weird said:

sounds really interesting! Lets see what they create ^-^ (i just wish there would be as much interesting retail games as well... wii u starts to become a indy and download only console xD)



IronMan28 said:

That isn't necessarily a bad thing, good games are good games, regardless of where you buy them. Be flexible and your life will be happier.



FineLerv said:

Another awesome looking Wii U game! I just need Nintendo to give me folders as my channels are almost full. :/



MAB said:

@FineLerv When your pages fill up another one becomes available each time

I would rather download these cool indie games like Knytt Underground and Shovel Knight instead of the crappy NES & SNES games with their lame slowdown and terrible gameplay



FineLerv said:

@MAB "When your pages fill up another one becomes available each time"

That is very good to hear! I have only a few empty slots and plenty of cash on my account.

"I would rather download these cool indie games like Knytt Underground and Shovel Knight instead of the crappy NES & SNES games with their lame slowdown and terrible gameplay."

Lol. I know you hate them, but I'll take both the new and the old. I never got much into SNES so those games are all new to me. =]



gamecrazy94 said:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR We understand that we are newbies to creating Video games, but Nintendo took us under their wing like many other people who want to learn how to make video games. We can tell you that there are plenty of people who are learning how to make games, developers who are somewhat experienced, and developers who know what they are doing. Nintendo has told us and everyone else that joined the program, that it doesn't matter if you don't have experience or not, the internet and something else we cannot talk about, that will be our guide to creating video games and applications.The "title card" is just a look into what we want to create, not necessarily what the final product will look like. But, we can understand you can think this way. There are games from 1 man developing teams coming this year, that I can confirm. Let this Wii U Indie program surprise you.



gamecrazy94 said:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR All I can say is, let us, the newbies, surprise you. We, and all of the indie developers who are part of this program, have games that are very interesting from what I've seen so far, many of which aren't announced yet. Everyone also has to remember that Wii U isn't an iPhone, it's a gaming console. That's why Flappy Bird did well, gaming on an iPhone is a casual market.

But I clearly get what you're saying. We're not hiding the fact that we have no experience. We're not rushing to get the game out. We are taking our time developing the game. We're trying to create a fun and unique spin with Adventure Thru 8-Bit Land, meanwhile creating a story that will speak true to Wii U owners and those who grew up with the NES and SNES, that games are not about the graphics, it's about the gameplay and having fun with video games. That's why we as gamers love video games, to have fun and escape reality, at least for a little while. That is our reason why this game will be Wii U exclusive.



gamecrazy94 said:

We want to make a great first impression to those who look at the game and will want to play it. We have many things planned for the game and how we're going to advertise it to the gamer, who has a Wii U and who doesn't. For us, it's quality over quantity. We'll be working on the game for as long as needed for the game to get to what we see in our imagination and make it "pixel perfect" as possible.



gamecrazy94 said:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR haha No, that's not going to be the look at all. It's just a straight up picture we made for the game, won't reflect anything of the final product. The environment though will be somewhere... maybe...



MAB said:

@gamecrazy94 Just make the game that you envision mate and don't take advice from these turkey legs... Most of the users on this site just play Mario 24/7 and don't buy anything else different

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