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Weirdness: An Album You Can Remix On Your Game Boy Advance

Posted by Conor McMahon

Making music with an old friend

The charming blips and scratching synth of chiptune soundtracks has never really lost its appeal among gamers and musicians alike, with many examples of retro sounds being used in new projects even today. From Anamanaguchi to I Fight Dragons, there's plenty out there to discover, and now electronic pop maestro Doctor Popular is enabling anyone with a Gameboy Advance to do a little remixing of their own.

His latest release has been created almost entirely on Nintendo's device, using a synthesizer card to manipulate those awesome gaming sounds into a ten-track album named Destroy All Presets. It's available now on his Kickstarter campaign for a donation of your choosing, but if you pay $88 then you can get yourself a physical copy of the album...on an actual GBA cart.

Plug it in to any kind of Gameboy Advance and you'll be able to remix every song using the same pre-loaded toolkit and resources that Doctor Popular himself utilised. It's a great start for anyone looking to try their hand at electronic music, and if the project reaches a total of at least $11,000, the good Doctor will even release a series of video tutorials to guide you along. The album's release is already funded, as it's passed $8000 (with a target of $6500) with 16 days to go, at the time of writing.

Check out the video below for more information and a suitably wacky few clips of sample tracks. If you've been itching for a simple way to start remixing, then this might be a fun option to consider.


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unrandomsam said:

What does he need the $8000 for (Presumably he already made the hardware and the album already - why can he not just sell the album ?).



unrandomsam said:

@Blue_Yoshi It is but its just for high backers. What the kickstarter is for is the album. I think it only allows you to remix his stuff. If it was a generic add on for the GBA that would be totally different.



StarDust4Ever said:

I've heard some great chiptune authors. My personal favs are 8-bit Weapon and ComputeHer to name a few, but the songs the guy demoed in the video just sounded lame and uninspired. Pass...



New_3DaSh_XL said:

If I was that interested in this kind of stuff, I'd work more on Rytmik Retrobits. I haven't touched it in like, a year. I should go back someday and figure it all out and make some loops, but I just never took the time to in the past.



Bender said:

@MuchoMochi No, it is not a good thing. He was pretty inconsistent, and honestly what he was singing (and singing along with) didn't really appeal to me at all... If I made an album where I play my ocarina terribly, and sing along with it, and told you "pay X amount of $ and you can remix it!!!", would you really want to? xD Honestly, you're better off just looking up a chip-tune making program on the interwebs...

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