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Renegade Kid Provides Status Update, With Treasurenauts Targeting 2014

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Free Mutant Mudds 3DS update in 2014, new game in the works

With 2013 drawing to a close, there's an inevitability that games targeting "Q4 2013" may start to slide into next year. We're also entering a period where developers can let us know what's in the works and coming up soon, something that Jools Watsham of Renegade Kid has done in a new blog update.

As a studio with plenty of Nintendo platform releases on its schedule, there are quite a few updates for 3DS and Wii U owners. To start with, upcoming 3DS eShop title Treasurenauts won't arrive this year, with the studio now aiming for Q1 2014. The reasoning is simple — the developer wants more time to improve the game.

We need more time to make it the game we want it to be. We're aiming for a Q1 2014 release, and will have information on a more accurate date soon. Sorry for the delay, but as an independent developer we rely on the success and revenue generated from each of our self-published games. More time = better game = better sales (hopefully).

Cult County has a brief update, merely to say that we'll see more of it in 2014 but that, ultimately, it was announced "very early in its development". Watsham also states that two new games are in development, with one on 3DS to be "announced in January 2014, and released early-mid 2014".

Mutant Mudds 2, which is certainly high on wishlists of those that have enjoyed the original, was put on hold for development of Treasurenauts. In terms of nearer-term Mutant Mudds news, it has been stated that owners of the 3DS game "should be on the look-out for a free update sometime in 2014. It will be luxurious!". Watsham did address the lack of a European release of Mutant Mudds Deluxe and other titles with a criticism of the ratings agencies in the region.

Delays in Europe for this, [Mutant Mudds Deluxe on PS3 and Vita] and Wii U, are due to the cost and logistical hassle of submitting to the many age rating companies in Europe. We will eventually get our stuff together and sort it out, but for now we're devoting our efforts towards the development of games instead of dancing with PEGI, USK, and such. These companies really need to learn from the ESRB, who offer a free and fast on-line service to rate indie games.

Plenty to think about for Renegade Kid fans. Are you looking forward to what the studio can offer in 2014?


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WiiLovePeace said:

I'm greatly looking forward to Treasurenauts, & Mutant Mudds 2 (though I haven't finished the 1st one). I wonder what the update will be...



Gustoff said:

Waiting on Cult County. Hopefully we can get a preview here soon. I know there's already a video out but would like to see more in terms of enemies and such...



FritzFrapp said:

Wasn't a huge fan of their previous game, but I love the look of this one. Nice to see them taking their time to get it right. Really looking forward to playing the finished game.



earthwormjimx3 said:

Well, honestly speaking, I must say I'm surprised Mutant Mudds Deluxe is going to be released for the PS3 and the PSVita...

Oh well, at least we got it first ^v^

Anyways, even though I didn't play the full version of Mutant Mudds or it's deluxe counterpart, I hope to play it when the Nintendo eShop (FINALLY) comes to Chile ^v^



Knuckles said:

Yes! Mudds is getting the Ghost Levels! The price for this game just keeps becoming more reasonable, 8.99 for 40 levels, then 60, and now 80!



WaveBoy said:

Not a fan of the bare bones throwaway art direction, but i'm sure it will be fun. Renegade Kid makes better games than those overrated dudes down at silly Shinen studios who focus soley on spit & polish rather than churning out innovative and fresh ideas. Still, at this point I'd much rather dig(hehe) into Shovel Knight.



unrandomsam said:

@CountWavula No way - Shi'en stuff is actually fun to play unlike any of Renegade Kid's games. Orange Pixel mobile games are better than Mutant Mudds (With a controller).



rayword45 said:

@CountWavula I don't understand why you feel the need to constantly bash Shin'en even when it's completely unrelated to the topic.

For the record, there's pretty much the same amount of originality between Mutant Mudds and Jetty Rocket. Very little. But on the plus side, Jett is, yes, prettier, and relies a lot less on cheap level design.



SparkOfSpirit said:

I don't see how Mutant Mudds has cheap design. If I can beat a level without being hit, then it by definition can't be cheap. Yet gamers are always calling things "cheap" that are merely hard.

Anyway, I'm eagerly awaiting Mutant Mudds 2 and Treasurenauts. It's a shame to hear about the delay, but hopefully it won't be too far off.



Cevan said:

First Shovel Knight, now Treasurenauts. Shame to see two great indie games both delayed to 2014, but at least it gives Renegade Kid and Yacht Club Games to each refine their games and make them even better.



Henmii said:

As for the mystery Mutant mudds update: I guess the stuff from the Wii u version will be added!



WYLD-WOO said:

Good news on the MM update, that`s very kind of you RK. I`ll wait for Treasurenauts too, no worries.



WaveBoy said:


Agreed. I found MM to be fair game, there was nothing cheap about it...I also can't stand the word 'cheap'... do gamers these days want everything handed to them? they don't seem to have the patience or urge to actually sit and down, go through the trial and error and mastering each stage until they finally complete it. Mutant Mudds wasn't amazing or anything, but It's more enjoyable than that Jet Rocket crap imo. The first Dementium is another note worthy title from Renegade kid IF you can get past the repetitive level structure. That game was HARD.



Giygas_95 said:

Well, I can't wait for Treasurenauts and Mutant Mudds 2! And I'm really excited about the MM update. I hope it's luxurious like he says it will be!



SKTTR said:

Renegade Kid released games in Europe before, so why do they have trouble with the ratings now? It's been months since Mutant Mudds Deluxe was released on Wii U in North America. If cost is one of the reasons I guess around christmas would be the best time to release it in Europe.



rayword45 said:

Cheap things in Mutant Mudds

-Leaps of faith
-Offscreen enemy placement
-Highly crapluck-based jumps

When you jump in a game, only to hit offscreen spikes which you had NO WAY of knowing about, I consider that cheap. I didn't even think MM was that hard, but when it was hard, it was hard in the wrong way. Thinking about another game, Super Meat Boy did have a fair amount of crapluck jumps, but nothing absolutely terrible in terms of spike/enemy placement.

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