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Jett Rocket II: The Wrath of Taikai Update On The Way

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Includes tweaks such as a faster, more agile character

Jett Rocket II: The Wrath of Taikai was certainly on the radar of many download fans prior to its recent arrival, following on from the impressive original on WiiWare. It blends 2D and 3D levels along with crisp visuals and a rock-solid frame-rate.

We gave this one a 7/10 recommendation in our review, though among issues highlighted were the punishing knock-back when hit by an enemy, while the languid running pace of our hero was noticeable.

To that end Shin'en Multimedia's Manfred Linzner has told us that a patch for the game is currently submitted and awaiting approval, and that it's tackling some of these issues; below are the fixes.

  • The main character is now faster and more agile
  • Backlash on enemy contact has been reduced
  • 'Black screen' issue on Game Over screen fixed
  • 'Mirror World' missing Secret fixed

Have you picked up Jett Rocket II yet, and if so are you looking forward to these improvements? Let us know in the comments below.

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5ony said:

I've been itching to get this game since I really enjoyed the first one, but the problems with it (namely the slowness; I mean, you gotta go fast) made me a bit wary. Seems like I'll be getting it soon though.



WYLD-WOO said:

I did enjoy this little gem of a game. The 3D levels were a tad slow in places and the speeding up of Gareth Bale, sorry... I mean Jett, will be a great improvement. The dreaded black screen was a pain too! I didn`t realise that there were missing secrets; I was looking for ages for something that was never there. Story of my life… The update is needed and very welcome. Do hope we see Jett in his third adventure very soon.



ricklongo said:

A faster character seems like great news. It was such a drag to backtrack a stage for secrets given how slowly he moves.



Goginho said:

Wow, unexpected, but definitely needed, now that I think about it. I guess some devs really know what constructive criticism is.



Garo said:

Nice. Jett's slowness is one of my biggest gripes with this sequel; glad to see it fixed.



mamp said:

I just wanna know if the lack of originality is that bad. There are some games that can just be terrible because of that reason and I'm wondering if this is one of those games.

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