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WonderFlick Hits iOS and Android This Month, Cross-Platform Saves Should Support Wii U in 2014

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

In Japan, naturally

Earlier this year we told you about WonderFlick, a new RPG from Level-5 that will be coming to a host of platforms, including smartphones and the Wii U. The unique selling point of this title is an effort to directly correlate and connect progress on smartphones and consoles, with the developer aiming to go "beyond the traditional boundaries of apps" and combine the versions for an experience running into hundreds of hours.

The console versions are expected to be released in Japan in 2014, but the iOS and Android versions will hit the region this month; the announced UniPlay feature should, in theory, allow gamers to start their adventure and then continue on consoles once those releases land next year. The smartphone version is supposed to be paced in sessions just a few minutes long — it's a free-to-play limitation policy — while those that download early will receive Fire Sword Earrings to improve resistance from fire element attacks.

With Level-5's strong reputation and the promise of an app and full game interacting in interesting ways, this is certainly on our radar. The fact that the Wii U GamePad touchscreen should allow similar controls to that on the accompanying smartphone game is certainly intriguing.

News on localisation is still, sadly, missing, but perhaps if this title succeeds in Japan we'll see it in the West. While we wait to learn more you can check out two trailers, below.

Reveal trailer:

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PS4 gameplay trailer:

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element187 said:

I'm an RPG nut, so naturally I would buy this if they would ever localize it here. Why are they making a ps4 version? Isn't Sony shunning Japanese studios by designing the ps4 based purely on what western gamers want? Sony took a bite out of Microsoft's dudebro market with the ps3 and wants more. (I say that as a former Sony gamer, loved my psx/ps2, but feel Sony turned its back on me with the ps3/4)



AVahne said:

Wonder why they're not developing for 3DS. Sure it's much weaker than every other platform, but they can probably get away with graphics that look like Awakening. Then again they probably don't want to go that low. Still...there's money that could be made...



Jarod said:

looking forward to this trailers look great really hope it comes here atleast on ios



AVahne said:

That's the most likely reason. As I said, the 3DS is the weakest of all the current platforms they can release on. Though, I wonder if they'll support older Android and iOS devices. I imagine last year's high end devices will run the game no problem, but I wonder if devices from 2 years ago will be able to as well (I doubt it though).

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