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Video: You'll Need Swift Feet To Conquer Super Mario 3D World's Pretty Plaza Panic

Posted by Damien McFerran

Watch the clock

If you're pushed for time, don't worry — today's Super Mario 3D World level is short and sweet, but just as exciting as any of the other stages we've covered so far.

Pretty Plaza Panic gives you 100 seconds to make your way to the flagpole, but places plenty of distractions and challenges in your path.

Super Mario 3D World launched in North America last week, and comes to Europe tomorrow. Let us know what you think of the game, and this level in particular, by posting a comment below.

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Savino said:

This game is awfully easy! I didnt see any of the reviews talking about this... But man, I think it is easier than 3D land...

My 5 years old daughter is on world 5 with all stars and flagpoles and no special tanooki... And she is playing alone because I simply dont care about mario anymore!



ScorpionMG said:

dispatched yesterday for me! Probably will come next week
For Now i'll record gameplays of my pikmin 3 in 1080p :3



GraveLordXD said:

@Savino maybe she's just super awesome at the game but I've died plenty of times and find it to be one of the more challenging Mario's way more difficult than nsmb games and the 3ds world game so does most of the people I've played the game with



Megumi said:

What's with the button? Couldn't figure it out...even in multiplayer I couldn't press it when wearing the crown. :/



Megumi said:

@Dave24 lol figures...lemme guess it's just coins, lol.
Anyways short levels are ok, as long as they're kept interesting. (like that one in the Castle world that involves a bunch of Boost Panels)



NintyMan said:

Toad is best for a short thrill of a level like this. I look forward to reading Europeans' comments tomorrow!



Dave24 said:

@DestinyMan I'm from EU, and you have my comment already

@Yukari_Sendo stamp. But you are right, it's better to be short and sweet than long and tedious. Fortunately, I had a blast with all those stages. even with Plessie, and I was afraid those will be tedious, but it's really fun.

@Alucard83 awesome



Savino said:

@LDXD She is, in fact, a very skilled player for her age, she loves 2D platformers and plays a lot of them. But Mario is looking a bit too easy for her, since only a few times i gave her some tip about where to look for a star! (Like inside the boo frame in one of those hauted house... She never played 64, so she would never find out)



JudgeMethos said:

There are some easy levels in the game and there are some ball busters, too! The game is perfect!



Funny_Moblin said:

@Savino As much as I hate easy games like these, the two reasons I will be getting it for will be to play with friends and family and to speed run. Speed running and comparing your time with others is a good way to ramp up the difficulty in this it not?

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