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Video: Running Wild In Super Mario 3D World's Sprawling Savanna

Posted by Damien McFerran

Wide open space

So this is it — the last of our videos running up to the European release of Super Mario 3D World. For today's footage, we've picked one of our favourite levels here at Nintendo Life: World 5-4, otherwise known as Sprawling Savanna.

Boasting amazing sunsets, massive open spaces and plenty of secrets to discover, this is one of the game's most visually impressive stages — it has some seriously epic scope.

So, how many of our European readers are picking up this game today? Let us know what you think by posting a comment.

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Dark-Luigi said:

That looks like one of the best levels in the game! I'm gonna have an epic Christmas!



NintyMan said:

This is as close to open-world as Super Mario 3D World gets. It's also great for speed-running too, and the lighting is awesome. I sort of feel bad for those having to wait until Christmas, but at least they're going to have one amazing Christmas present!



Nickolakis said:

Already have mine!! I got it this morning. Gamestop was weird while everyone was getting their PS4 and me there for my amazing Mario. Can't wait to finish work and go home to play it with my friends!!!



Nintenjoe64 said:

Poor Mario, there was an Xbox 1 advert on the start of that video

I would have SM3DW today but I am too poor in the run up to Christmas (and I need something as a present so I am waiting)



ACK said:

This stage offends my design sensibilities. Reminds me of the massive SSB stages in how it simply doesn't fit within the gameplay ethics or limits of the game engine. Nintendo's designers usually stay stubbornly within themselves and the confines of an engine. This level just feels indulgently designed compared to the rest.



argus said:

It looks like this game has no challenge at all. This is level 5-4? Based on how easy it looks, this should be level 1-1.



Gold_Ranger said:

I got this game today.
I payed only $8.oo for it.
Apparently i spen I lot of money at GameStop and had a $50.oo voucher built up!



Benjelo said:

I really hope I end up with enough money for this christmas to buy a wii u and get this game. I have the 3ds xl and mario 3d land was definitely one of the best game I've played in my life. I would be extremely thankful if I acquire the funds for this. While I wait another month I'm relying on nintendo and you guys commenting to keep me updated!



Mario-Man-Child said:

I haven't wanted a game this much in a long time. Money is tight at the moment so I'll have to wait a while.



MAB said:

I still don't see anything that jumps out and screams 'buy me'... Looks too boring and slow for my taste



ACK said:

Ha ha. Guys this is one level. One of my personal least favorite. This game is worth any amount of money. And this is probably the speediest 3D Mario game there is. Don't miss out.



element187 said:

The game is a masterpiece. I'm having more fun with this than the galaxy games( hard for me to admit that because those were my two games of the generation on any system) Miiverse makes the game feel less isolated.... When I play the galaxy games I feel like I'm by myself. Experiencing the game all alone.

Just that one feature helps the game immensely.



Rafie said:

GET THIS GAME!! I can certainly co-sign that this game is a 10. It's the whole package! Graphics-10, Controls-10, Music-effiin' 10, and enjoyability is OVER 9,000!!! Seriously!!

Oh and that level certainly isn't the best level on the game. I'll hold my reservations til more people play the game. Trust me, there are so many other levels that blows this one out the water!



MAB said:

People need to stop buying Mario games so that Nintendo will treat it like F-Zero and Star Tropics... Then we might get other old classics created for this gen or next

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