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Video: CNET Pays Homage To The Nintendo Game Boy

Posted by Damien McFerran

The legendary monochrome system gets some welcome recognition

Portable video gaming would be very different were it not for the Nintendo Game Boy. Although it was technologically outdated by the time it launched — rival systems like the Sega Game Gear and Atari Lynx offered better displays and superior processing power — it nevertheless became the undisputed champion of the handheld arena and established a period of dominance for Nintendo that lasts until this very day.

CNET's Luke Westaway — a Nintendo Life alumni, no less — has given the appropriate degree of credit to the pocket-sized sensation in the first of what will be a series of videos focusing on significant releases in the history of tech. You can watch the video below — don't forget to share your thoughts and Game Boy-related memories while you're at it.

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Xomitsious said:

My first ever console (I think I had an Amstrad Cpc 6128 before that). Snapped one up as soon as they became available in Greece. I love my GameBoy so much. Favourite games include the awesome Gargoyle's Quest, Link's Awakening and Metroid 2.



Deathgaze said:

GameBoy was insanely awesome, and while it's still loved I don't think people love as much as they should. Many great memories of playing Tetris with my sister and Pokemon with my brother. (I had Red he had Blue) Many other great experiences I had alone such as Metroid 2, Kirby, Link's Awakening, Tiny Toons and some Castlevania game.



Shiryu said:

Due to it's amazing software library it's still my favourite hand held system ever, followed closely by the GBA.



Pichubby said:

i never had this, my first console was a snes at age 5... coming home from preschool, me and my mum would play it for hours...



johndevine said:

To be honest, even though the Game Boy was amazing (faultless for it's time)

Every handheld Nintendo have released since, have lived up to the legacy of the Game Boy.

Nintendo's handheld games and products have always been untouchable by the opposition!




Artwark said:

That's Gunpei Yokoi who did the wonders of gaming. Although I don't have a game boy, I do have a library of GBA games and the're all awesome. I gotta say, I love handheld gaming better than Console gaming because you can take it anywhere you want and play.

Nintendo do your wonders on the Wii U and I will never question you ever again.



JuanitoShet said:

I have this master beauty piece of tech. It's so awesome. The only problem with it nowadays is that I can't find many Game Boy games in my swapmeet trips.

But I love it to death.



GalacticMario28 said:

I unfortunately only ever owned a few Game Boy games, but I do have memories of spending hours playing the ones I did have, most notably Pokémon Red and Blue. It feels like just yesterday that the Game Boy was still all the rage with kids.

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