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Exclusive 2DS Pokémon X And Y Bundles Announced For South Korea

Posted by Liam Doolan

Gotta bundle 'em all

South Korean Nintendo fans will soon be able to get their hands on two new hardware bundles which include the recent smash-hit Pokémon X & Y.

Instead of the gorgeous limited edition Pokémon 3DS XL bundles released in other territories, Nintendo of Korea has announced a red & white 2DS with a copy of Pokémon X, and a blue & black console with Pokémon Y.

Each bundle will cost 180,000 won (which equates to around US $170) and will be available from 7th December onwards.

To put the value in perspective, a single 2DS in Korea costs 160,000 won (US $151) with a copy of the latest Pokémon game going for 44,000 won (US $42).

There's no word at the moment about whether or not these bundles will pop up elsewhere. If both were released outside of Korea, would you be interested in purchasing them? Given that the latest Pokémon adventure launched alongside the 2DS, it seems fitting that these bundles should get a wider release.


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JuanitoShet said:

Shouldn't they have shipped the blue/black 3DS with X, and the red/white with Y? Haha, feel like it would have made more sense.

Colors aside, I hope people over there will enjoy 'em. I know I'd take advantage of the opportunity if I lived there and didn't own a 3DS/2DS yet.




Shouldn't it be Black + Red for Y, and Blue + White for X? It'd make more sense...



cookiex said:

I wonder if this means that 2DS could make it's way to Japan sooner or later now that it's debuting in Asian markets.

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