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Youkai Watch Receiving A New Game in Japan Already

Posted by Andy Green

Will it be a sequel or an enhanced version?

Level-5 released Youkai Watch in the Summer in Japan and it looks like the region is set to receive another iteration of the series as CoroCoro magazine has stated a new title is in the works.

The 3DS title centres around around a young boy who comes into possession of a special wristwatch that enables him to see ghostly creatures in his environment. He must befriend some of these ghosts and use them in battles to stop the various townsfolk from being haunted.

It's unclear at this point whether this is a fully fledged sequel or an enhanced version of the original. Level-5 has devised beefed up versions of some of its titles in the past including Fantasy Life Link!, which released in July.

Youkai Watch has been selling consistently well in Japan. Last week's figures had it in tenth position in the multi-format chart and it had amassed 164,230 sales at that point.

Level-5 has not brought it to the West yet and we're still waiting on news of a Fantasy Life release. We have seen trademarks appear in Western regions for the latter, but there has been no such indication for Youkai Watch.

Would you like to see Youkai Watch make it to the West? Let us know in the comment section below.


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DampeThePoeHunt said:

Level-5 needs to develope a full featured rpg for the 3DS. They've released some awesome short games in the eshop. I hope this one will be just that.



alrighthearthis said:

I would play this game if it came to the west. I'd also be perfectly fine with an E-Shop only release like Phoenix Wright.



Hunter-D said:

Level-5 really have got themselves another hit in Youkai Watch, It's evident that they're trying to go down the Inazuma Eleven route with this franchise, especially when you consider that the Manga will be serialised this December and the Anime will air in January.



Shambo said:

Level 5 needs to level up its localization. They made some of the seemingly best 3ds games available... In Japan only. I have most of the 'guild' titles and enjoyed them quite a lot, especially the superb Liberation Maiden and the magical Attack of the Friday Monsters. Both topping my personal 'if only it were longer (and boxed)' list.
Come on Level 5! I've been looking forward to the Layton/Wright crossover since its first announcement, same for Time Travellers!

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