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Toki Tori 2 Miiverse Drawing Contest Flutters Into Round Two

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Getting historical

A little over a week ago we reported on an interesting Toki Tori 2 Miiverse drawing contest that was launched by Two Tribes, aiming to encourage the talented artists in the game's community to share even more creations. The prize is a grand one, with winning drawings set to appear as cave drawings in the game.

The contest is being split up into four weekly themes, and the first week winner has now been chosen — it's Fredrik.W, who won with his imaginary friend entry of Toki Torro, below.

With round one closed it's now time for the second go-around, with the theme now being to draw Toki Tori's Ancestors. The basic tweaked rules to enter this round are below.

  • Draw Toki Tori’s ancestors
  • Post it on the Toki Tori 2 community on Miiverse
  • Reply to your own drawing with the text: #contest
  • Collect a LOT of Yeah’s for your drawing to get into the Top 25

We will announce the winner of the second round on June 19th, so be sure to post your drawing before that.

With the winner being picked from the top 25 collectors of 'Yeahs', it's time to get drawing if you want to be in this round. A piece of artistic immortality potentially awaits, so let us know if you'll be heading over to the Toki Tori 2 community to enter this wee's contest. You can see the latest top entries below, too.


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Lyndexer said:

I always wanted to have the talent to draw like that over a game system...



EverythingAmiibo said:

"first week winner has BOW been chosen"
I would've entered if I had enough time to 'spare', and my MH3U time isn't for sparing!



Dynetheous said:

I love to draw, and my forte is shading, but when it comes to drawing on the doesn't work or look how i want so kudos to the people who can do all of that on the Wii U.



sinalefa said:

Pretty cool that they include the winning drawings inside the game itself.

I wonder why he called him "Toki Torro" instead of "Toki Toro". The latter not only sounds closer to "Toki Tori" but it is actually the correct spelling of the Spanish word for bull. I guess it was a mispronunciation issue



tripunktoj said:

I am not even half as good at drawing as most people in Miiverse, but I try to make up for that with creativity on the theme. Here, Id appreciate a Yeah! if you feel like.

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