Miiverse at its best

When it comes to Toki Tori 2 on the Wii U eShop, no-one can accuse developer Two Tribes of releasing the title and then simply walking away. The studio has actively sought the opinions of those that have played the game, applying feedback to a substantial update that improved and tweaked various aspects of the experience. We know another update will eventually bring a level editor, among other things, but the developer is keen to keep the game fresh in other ways, too.

Two Tribes has announced a Miiverse drawing contest for the title, as a reaction to all of the terrific illustrations that have been gracing the game's community page. Starting today, there'll be four weekly themed contests where gamers are tasked with following a brief and picking up as many Yeahs as possible; the top 10 posts are then shortlisted, with the Two Tribes team picking a winner. The prize is that your illustration will appear as a cave drawing hidden in the game.

The contest has now launched, with the theme below kicking off round one. All you need to do is post a drawing and reply to your own post with the text "#contest":

Toki Tori often wonders around in the forest all by himself. And quite honestly, he sometimes feels alone.

“Can you draw an imaginary friend for Toki Tori?”

Summing up

  • Draw an imaginary friend for Toki Tori
  • Post it on the Toki Tori 2 community on Miiverse
  • Reply to your own drawing with the text: #contest
  • Collect a LOT of Yeah’s for your drawing

First round drawings should be posted before 11th June, when the second round will be detailed. Check out the contest announcement page for full details, while below you can see the early runners that have already joined in.

So start drawing, and if you want to learn more about the game since its launch and what's still to come, you can always check out our Two Tribes interview.

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