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Talented Artist Transforms Humble UK Town Into Epic Zelda Map

Posted by Damien McFerran

Art attack

Marketed as "16 Days of music, art, comedy, spoken word, film, workshops, debates and performances", the Switch Fringe Festival is a UK-based event which aims to promote local artists and performers.

In a pretty awesome move, artist The Decibel Kid has created a map covering all of the venues which is based on The Legend of Zelda.

Ipswich has been digitised and turned into a fantasy village, complete with chickens and even a guest appearance by Link himself. You can view the full map by clicking the image above. If you're from Ipswich, you may recognise some of the locations, if not the inhabitants.


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Tuurtledove said:

Beautifully done,
And a really unique way of rendering out the map for a Festival.
And what's more, both Gamers and non-Gamers alike will be able to appreciate it



edhe said:

That Witch should really be riding a scramble bike.




MetalKingShield said:

Once I was driving through Ipswich when I saw a group of glamour models in their underwear. On the photographer's command, they threw their hands in the air and said "Woo!" It's a shame that's not on the map.



mikeyman64 said:

Would be kinda cool to see this turn into an internet craze. Make your own town in Zelda.



tjhiphop said:

Haha, brilliant. Live but a few miles away from Ipswich so it's nice to see the town get some love!



Vallu said:

Art Attack = One of the crystal star attacks in the thousand year door



Blathers said:

I'm like "YES, I'M FROM IPSWICH" but then I realized it's the one on the north side of the equator.

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