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Super Ubie Land Set To Emerge This August

Posted by Andy Green

Update: Wii U version now scheduled for "the Fall"

Since Notion Games revealed the release date of Super Ubie Land, the developer has clarified its comments on Twitter. Although Notion Games clearly wrote #WiiU, #Nintendo and #eShop in the tweet, this is actually the date for the PC, Mac and Linux adaptations. The Wii U eShop version will launch "later in the Fall".

Original Article:

Super Ubie Land will be released on the Wii U eShop on 13th August, according to a new promotional poster from its developer Notion Games.

It's the product of a Kickstarter campaign, which finished back in April, and it has since had a name change due to a dispute with French publishing giant Ubisoft. The original title for the game was Super Ubi Land, so you can see where the confusion may lie.

Super Ubie Land looks set to be a fun little eShop addition. It's a platformer that is influenced greatly by classic Super Nintendo titles like Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World. Notion Games has called the game "a love letter" to fans who enjoy 2D platformers "similar to the ones we all loved to play during the NES and SNES era".

It's not clear whether 13th August is a North American release date or a European one - it could be both, we just don't know. It is written in the American format though, so that's likely to be a giveaway - unless somebody created a thirteenth month without telling anyone.

Will you be hoping to download Super Ubie Land in August? Let us know in the comment section below.


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DreamOn said:

Bring the avalanche of Indy platformers! They will take over the sun! ....and maybe help the Wii U to have a games library sooner than later



dap005 said:

I'd love to see a Nintendo eshop/indie direct. Give these devs some coverage can never be a bad thing.



EdEN said:

Actually, that date is for the PC/Mac/Linux release. The Wii U release is for Fall 2013.



Steveovig said:

Count me in for this as it looks really nice. I expect each and every NL reader to do the same to show support for third parties!!!



DatBoiDrew said:

Thank you guys for the support and kind words! This is my 2nd game ever and I hope you guys enjoy it when it is released! I look forward to hearing your thoughts when it is out



SyntheticPerson said:

Hahaha, this is the first time I have looked into this. I always assumed it was an Ubisoft version of Super Mario Bros. That said, looking into it, it looks pretty good. Another one to add onto my eshop wishlist



WYLD-WOO said:

Hope to see this in Europe on my 3DS very soon???? Really looks like a cool classic fun platformer that would be perfect for the 3DS. Hurry up and release please.

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