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Capitalism Wins In Sega's New 3DS RPG, Hero Bank

Posted by Damien McFerran

Coming to Japan this December

Sega has revealed that it is working on a 3DS RPG by the name of Hero Bank, where the ultimate goal isn't to save mankind, but to earn as much moolah as possible by taking part in a cyber sport known as "Hero Battle".

Apparently, players can download "hero data" based on real-life individuals and use it in the game. It sounds a bit like Barcode Battler for the web age, if you ask us.

Hero Bank is hitting Japan on December 19th, and there's no word on a western launch at present.


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Placlu said:

Welp Day 1 import for me.
This game sounds too stupid not to :D:D



stipey said:


Edit: This looks great, we'll have it over here now thanks guys.



Mortenb said:

Capitalism always wins, but how has it anything to do with this game? Capitalism is when people who create value are the ones who control the value and can enter into agreements and contracts to trade those values voluntarily.
Fighting over money has as much to do with capitalism as having sex. The only thing it has to do with capitalism is that if it is to happen it must be voluntary to be legal.



Tysamu said:

Or they could... y'know... continue where they left on Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood with a sequel.



XavandSo said:

I believe you are getting to politically correct for the article. It's a joke, not to mention mass common perception of Capitalism is money. Anyhow, I hope for a western release, as quirky Japanese RPGs always tickle my wallet.



TeeJay said:

From the article description, it sounds kinda like Megaman Battle Network to me.



LittleIrves said:

Does the robot in that last pic look like 9 Volt to anyone else? Or maybe I'm just hyped for Game & Wario to come out...



element187 said:

Good. Capitalism should always win. Without it, computers, TV's, video games, radios, cars or everything else for that matter would have never been invented....

Greed is what gets things done. with the motivator of money behind an idea, man can accomplish anything

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