The Wii Street U app on Nintendo's system, which is anxious to remind you that it's "powered by Google", is a nice freebie that lets you explore the world, famous locations and, of course, to spy on friends, enemies and neighbours. Some of the images may be out of date, but you can still find a foe's house on the app and do your best Dr Evil impression, if you so please.

Now you can spy on people and share their locations with those on Miiverse, as a fresh update for the app has integrated Miiverse support. You can take a picture at any time and upload the screen to the social network with a tag along the lines of "fun" or "scary" — along with some others — as well as a normal typed or hand-written message. If you happen to find the lost city of Atlantis or somewhere similarly exciting, you can use a "spoiler" tag to hide the image. This update has also fixed a complaint we had in our write-up of the app, as you can now bookmark locations that are your favourites.

Some neat little extras for the app, then; how many of you have loaded it up recently, though?