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Creator of The Sims, Will Wright, Shares His Admiration for Shigeru Miyamoto

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Next project will aim to "intersect your reality"

Will Wright is a well known and highly respected figure in the video game industry, credited as the creator of The Sims, while many will also be familiar with his work on the early SimCity games; he also co-founded that series' development studio, Maxis.

Appearing at the Game Horizon conference in Newcastle, Wright took questions from the audience and got asked to name some of his development heroes. Peter Molyneux and Sid Meier were mentioned, and also Shigeru Miyamoto; he said the following about the iconic Nintendo game creator.

What I admire most about him is he always puts the player first.

Wright has now formed a new company, Syntertainment, and when speaking about his next project he detailed the philosophy behind its development, which perhaps explains his admiration for Miyamoto's focus on the player. A focus is "basing games in reality". to produce "games that intersect your reality, but give you a very different perspective on it... [It's about] understanding the player very deeply and having a game that envelops and involves particular people."

Considering the developer's previous projects such as The Sims, SimCity and Spore series, it'll be interesting to see what his new team delivers.


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About time other developers give credit where credit is due. I hope to actually see some of his games on a Nintendo platform for once, it's been a long time.



SCAR said:

Very wise words... I would buy a Sim or Spore game on Wii U if it was done right, unlike most of the console versions of that game.



FernandoMachado said:

let's face it: we only have a game industry today because miyamoto-san crafted donkey kong back in 1981 x

all the devs should be grateful to the man!



Haxonberik said:

Miyamoto is basically the main reason why I wont abandon Nintendo, no mater how badly "underpowered" their systems may be or how awful they manage their marketing decisions.



Lobster said:

Will Wright and Miyamoto have always been my two favorite game creators. This was a nice little article for me to see; thanks, guys!



Zombie_Barioth said:

I'll have to keep an eye out for Syntertainment then. I just really like the way Will Wright thinks, people like him and Miyamoto are the guys I respect most within the industry.

I've been slowly working my way through the book on Spore (if you saw it, you'd know why) and its actually really interesting, he goes on about adapting the wonder and awe of the universe and how evolution works into a game and does so in great detail.



marck13 said:

Spore was cool. And i always liked Maxis.
His philosophies sound well fit to the Gamepad!



ledreppe said:

I wish games developers would talk straight, instead of in riddles:

A focus is "basing games in reality". to produce "games that intersect your reality, but give you a very different perspective on it...




Omarsonic9 said:

Will Wright should make a company of his own.
EA is the worst game company in America.

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