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Video: Check Out These Three Guild02 Games in Action

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Some thoughtful games, and tanks shooting bugs

It was confirmed earlier this year that Level-5's Guild02 collection is coming to Japan as individual 3DS eShop downloads, following the structure that saw three of the four Guild01 games come to the West.

This collection includes three games — Bugs vs. Tanks!, The Starship Damrey and The Friday When The Monsters Appear — from development luminaries such as Keiji Inafune and Kazuya Asano, so they have pedigree to accompany their bite-sized concept-driven approach. While the first of the two titles listed have been trademarked in the U.S., suggesting potential localisation, The Friday When The Monsters Appear hasn't been registered in the same way by Level-5; it could be the odd one out.

Courtesy of 4Gamer, we now have 16 minutes of footage to enjoy and to get a taste of what Guild02's games will have to offer. It's all in Japanese, while the first seven and a half minutes are dedicated to The Friday When The Monsters Appear, which is perhaps of less interest if doubts of its arrival in the West prove to be true. In the remainder we can see the action approach of Inafune's title, and get a taste for the intriguing adventure-game approach of The Starship Damrey. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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Zyph said:

Looks good. I recognize some of the voice actors. I hope they retain the JP voice acting if ever they decide to release it in the west



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

Kind of a bummer that the game that interests me the most out of the three has not been trademarked in the West yet. They all look good, but The Friday When Monsters Appear looks the most fun to me.



Garo said:

The Starship Damrey looks intriguing. Might get it if it ever comes to European e-shop.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I hope they all get released in the west. And the fourth Guild01 game too, it looked fun.



Humphries90 said:

I like the look of the first and last one, the ants vs tanks looks a bit rubbish though.



Jukilum said:

@DarkCoolEdge They said they weren't bringing the last Guild 01 game over because it is too dependent on Japanese pop culture that wouldn't make any sense in the west.



TenTen said:

I really hope The Friday when the Monsters Appear makes it over here, it's the only one I really want



Bragoon said:

I hope they localize these. I don't think I'd buy Bugs Vs. Tanks though. It reminds me of the Army Men: Air Combat game for the N64, which was cool when I was seven, but not much past that.



Magikarp3 said:

The Monsters game looks so incredible right now... I really like the art style! The sci-fi game also looks promising.



Weedy said:

I enjoyed Crimson Shroud a lot, I just hope the Guild01 titles sold enough to make them want to bring these Guild02 titles over.
Most interested in The Starship Damrey.



LittleIrves said:

If you passed by Aero Porter of the Guild 01 games... take another look. Seems simple at first, but it reveals itself little by little. It's getting its hooks into me.

Hope these come westward.

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