It was confirmed earlier this year that Level-5's Guild02 collection is coming to Japan as individual 3DS eShop downloads, following the structure that saw three of the four Guild01 games come to the West.

This collection includes three games — Bugs vs. Tanks!, The Starship Damrey and The Friday When The Monsters Appear — from development luminaries such as Keiji Inafune and Kazuya Asano, so they have pedigree to accompany their bite-sized concept-driven approach. While the first of the two titles listed have been trademarked in the U.S., suggesting potential localisation, The Friday When The Monsters Appear hasn't been registered in the same way by Level-5; it could be the odd one out.

Courtesy of 4Gamer, we now have 16 minutes of footage to enjoy and to get a taste of what Guild02's games will have to offer. It's all in Japanese, while the first seven and a half minutes are dedicated to The Friday When The Monsters Appear, which is perhaps of less interest if doubts of its arrival in the West prove to be true. In the remainder we can see the action approach of Inafune's title, and get a taste for the intriguing adventure-game approach of The Starship Damrey. Check it out below and let us know what you think.