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Soccer Up 3D Coming To North America On 11th April

Posted by Andy Green

Anyone fancy a kickabout?

EnjoyUp Games has revealed Soccer Up 3D will be available to download on 11th April in North America.

Soccer Up! was released on WiiWare in 2011 and the series is now shifting to the 3DS, where it will take advantage of the handheld's many features.

Naturally, as the title suggests, the game will utilise the 3D effect and will also have Mii functionality, allowing you to create a team based on the Miis stored in your Mii Plaza.

EnjoyUp has developed the game so the ball has inertia and moves freely all over the field, you'll have to have your wits about you to control it. One neat little feature is the ability to play with two players with just one copy of the game.

Soccer Up 3D will be in the 3DS eShop on 11th April and will set you back $6.99.

It has to be said, Soccer Up! wasn't a particularly great experience, as we explained in our review, but hopefully the 3DS adaptation will be a bit more on target.

Are you looking forward to downloading this one? Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think to it.

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Shiryu said:

Remember all the crazyness when the Wii version was reviewed here? I hope EnjoyUp Games took our feedback, they have something here they could turn into pure gold if they fix it.



Hunter-D said:

"Anyone fancy a kickabout?" No thanks, I'll stick to FIFA 11 until we get a proper FIFA for the Wii U.

No excuses for FIFA 14 EA.



BJQ1972 said:

The Wii version wasn't bad. As a Sensible Soccer clone it ticked many boxes. For those looking for a FIFA like experience though, look elsewhere.



Morpheel said:

Bad or not, it's still nice to se WiiWare series continuing on the 3DS.



Ralizah said:


This is one type of video game I have no interest in trying, thank you very much.



Windy said:

Online Play? If so I will sit back and see how many get it then get it for online. Another game which is a perfect Candidate for online play which probably doesn't have it.



Mr_3DS said:

I'm a huge fan of sports gaming since I love playing actual sports. FIFA 13 for Xbox 360 is a really great game, especially playing online on a team with friends. The game is very hard in the beginning, but once you get used to it its extremely fun. Not to mention, scoring a game in the game feels great

I don't really like playing sports games on small screens though...I bought PES 12 for the 3DS and didn't have too much fun with it. I sold it which means I definitely didn't like it lol. This game is a no for me...

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