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Toki Tori 2 to Launch With a Discount

Posted by Lee Meyer

The early bird gets the worm

Two Tribes has announced pricing details for the soon-to-be-released Toki Tori 2. As an extra bonus, however, the highly anticipated Wii U eShop title will launch worldwide on 4th April with a 10% discount in all territories.

The following pricing information comes from Two Tribes' official blog; the listed prices are without the discount:

14.99 EUR (Europe)
14.99 USD (USA)
12.99 GBP (United Kingdom)
19.99 CHF (Switzerland)
120 NOK (Norway)
125 SEK (Sweden)
112 DDK (Denmark)
60 PLN (Poland)
600 RUB (Russia)
19.99 AUD (Australia)
23.99 NZD (New Zealand)
14.99 CAD (Canada)
195 MXN (Mexico)
30 BRL (Brazil)
375 CZK (Czech Republic)
180 AZR (South Africa)

The duration of the discount has not been confirmed, so be sure to take advantage of the sale while it lasts. Are you looking forward to Toki Tori 2, and does the price reduction tempt you into going for the download early?


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Ryno said:

Wooohoooo!!! A buck fifty baby saved baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Airola said:

Pretty disappointed to see the price being 15 euros (that 1,5e discount doesn't help much). I was anticipating it being 10e max.

Oh well... I've been waiting for this game ever since I finished the first on WiiWare. There was a time when I lost my interest when I they talked about the sequel for the first time (it seemed to be completely different from the first and needlessly complex), but I got my interest back later and after it was told that it would be structured in a "metroidvania" style and seeing new videos I was again waiting for this game like nothing else. Seriously, for me it has been THE game to wait for Wii U for a long time now.

I am definitely going to buy it day 1. I've been saving a bit of money in my eShop account just for this. My savings there are only about 7 euros though, but that's enough to soften the 13,5e price a bit.

Can't wait!

I feel like an heel complaining about the price



bofis said:

Yes, the price-reduction at launch makes me even more-likely to buy it immediately, though in my case that may have always been how it went



Neko_Ichigofan said:

@Lee Meyer I'm just curious as a reviewer for another website, but are Two Tribes offering review copies for this game? Anyways I'm glad that this game will be affordable at launch as this should help sell far more copies of this fantastic looking title!



fregrold said:

we're tending to wait for price reductions lately before we buy anything, since they seem to be inevitable. So, yes, we'll be grabbing this one early.

Although I thought thiswas going to come out free as a temptation to buy later DLC?



Neko_Ichigofan said:

If I had the money I would download this day one with-or-without a discount, but I still might have a chance thanks to my website. Anyways this game is technically a "digital only" Wii U retail title seeing as the game was released on PC both physically and digitally meaning that this is a retail quality title.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm definitely picking it up now then, might use my Nintendo Network Premium dollars on it to for further discount



JaredJ said:

Toki Tori is my favorite Wiiware game so yes I am looking forward to this!



tripunktoj said:

I was about to complain about to complain on having to pay almost 1 USD more in Mexico due to exchange rates, then I realized the price is much worse in Europe.



marck13 said:

And the price in Switzerland is (as) usually the worst. But hey, it's the price we pay to keep us out of this big mistake called EU ^^



Dpullam said:

This is pretty cool for whoever decides to get it at launch. I wish more games did this as well.

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