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Square Enix Trademarks Fantasy Village in Japan

Posted by Andy Green

Are we looking at another life-sim?

It's fair to say that life simulation games are fairly popular in Japan. The 3DS currently has two big hitters tearing up the sales charts with Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Fantasy Life - both of which sold out at a staggering rate.

This success has no doubt piqued the interest of several publishers and developers, and it seems Square Enix may be looking to get a slice of the action as it has trademarked Fantasy Village for use in Japan.

It's unclear if this is indeed to be a life-sim, but the name certainly encompasses the genre quite well. Perhaps we're looking at a Final Fantasy title that sees you complete chores for villagers as Terra Branford - or maybe not.

Speaking of trademarks, Level-5 has submitted a trademark application in Europe for Fantasy Life - the clearest indication yet that it will be localised for the West.

What are your thoughts on the new trademark? Let us know by dropping a comment below.


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C-Olimar said:

Don't forget Konami's Magician's Quest/Enchanted Folk sequel, that sold a decent amount as well. The more life sims the better!



GameLord08 said:

Well, they did say Fantasy Life was bound to become a series at some point. May be related.



Emaan said:

Anything new from Square Enix is interesting to me, looking forward to finding out more at some point.



Tsuchiya said:

Anything after FF10 that's stamped with Squeenix sucks.
It's as if they made the plots and gameplay post FF10 nonsensical on purpose just to flog us filler. As for stuff like this, count me out. The best thing Square did was FF8.

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