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European Release of Devil Survivor Overclocked Marred By Game-Breaking Bugs

Posted by Andy Green

Ghostlight is working on a fix

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked was released a couple of days ago in Europe but it appears there are a few issues with it that are causing 3DS owners to become a little agitated.

Unfortunately, the problems are more than just a mild irritation as they stop the player from progressing. For example, using the summon ability will cause the game to crash, forcing you to reset the console, and should an auction house seller lie to you about their stats, the game will also freeze. Nobody likes being lied to, but to have to suffer a 3DS crash as well? We think that's just plain harsh.

It's quite strange to see such large bugs within the European version of Devil Survivor Overclocked, as it is largely the same as the North American version, which had none of these issues whatsoever.

On the plus side, Ghostlight, the game's developer, has responded to the issues in a statement saying it will be doing all it can to fix them:

It is with much regret that we have to make this announcement. Many of you may already be aware that our most recent release of Devil Survivor Overclocked on 3DS unfortunately has some issues. These problems mean that currently you will not be able to complete the game. The game will hang/freeze if you summon a demon during battle or if an auction house seller lies about the stats.

Currently we are doing everything we can to fix these problems as quickly as possible so that you will be able to enjoy DSO in full.

We deeply value the continued commitment from our devoted Ghoslight fans and all the EU JRPG fans as without you all we wouldn’t be here. We hope that you will allow us to take the time needed to fix the problems and give you the gaming experience that you have waited for so patiently.

Have you been experiencing any of these problems with Devil Survivor Overclocked? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Humphries90 said:

I've not had to use the function yet to be honest. I'm sure they'll fix it eventually, but I think I'll plough on through anyways. Also, apparently if you leave the game frozen for about 5 minutes it will eventually unfreeze.



Bulbousaur said:

Well this is disappointing, I was quite interested in this game... And by the time it gets fixed I'd had probably spent my money already. How could they screw up so badly with a simple language translation and NTSC to PAL? A year and a half since the original release no less?



invmat said:

First VLR, now this... What the hell is going on when games are being converted from NTSC to PAL...?

It also surprises me that you're unable to complete the game because of this bug. That must mean that the PAL version didn't have a single beta-playthrough....



Koapa said:

My game come on Tuesday.
Any possibility to be all bugs fixed until this day?



Phle said:

I hope this game gets a patch, I've been waiting for this game for a long time and I've pre-ordered a copy.

It's sad how far behind Norway is, the online shop I pre-ordered the game has for some reason decided not to make the game available until april 5th, meaning I'll get the game around 10th (-_-') as they don't understand the concept of pre-ordering. Maybe I'll get it with the copies of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate I also pre-ordered, but recently they found out they didn't have in stock.



Hunter-D said:

It's a game-breaking bug to a fundamental feature. Demon summoning. I'm just wondering how this got through the testing phase let alone the final software checking process.



Superconsole said:

Oddly this problem seems to be occurring quite a lot recently as @invmat said - often the debug kits the testers and developer/publishers play on shows absolutely no sign of problems, and its only on retail consoles that issues occur, as the case with VLR. Very strange.

I was also really looking forward to this one! Looks like I'll be holding off for a while now..



DarkCoolEdge said:

What the...? How could this happened? This is very bad for the game prospects in EU, a game that was never gonna sell a lot with the addition of this bugs...

I'm glad I didn't buy it on the first day as I intended.



moo99 said:

@invmat 3DS has its own display. There's no reason for it to be converted from NTSC to PAL or to use either format in the first place



Starwolf_UK said:

I also hear something about the first names and last names being the wrong way round.
All of these make me wonder if they had to apply the English script to a Japanese version of the game (maybe Atlus USA only gave them the script) and then didn't know there some special things that had to be done. As it seems like it was a lot more work was required than what you would think of change the region code, add your name to the title screen and change bits of the script.



Henq said:

I've experienced all of these as well.
And there are two more, so far, that I found.

1. Naoya's last name in the profile menu has the main characters first name. (Might be wrong everywhere else in the game as well, didn't progress that much.)
2. All demons/humans/etc. in-battle and in-fight with space (punctuation) are written with an underscore on both screens; example: Tamer_Thug.

These two are not really game breaking but still annoying, hopefully they fix them as well.



invmat said:

@Garo: True, but what I meant was that the bugs were in a different region (PAL/NTSC-U instead of NTSC-J in the case of VLR, and NTSC-U instead of PAL in the case of Shin Megami Tensei)



Doma said:

No QA/testing done at all by the sounds of it. A big slap in face to those who waited...

@Koapa Nope, could take up to months. My advice: get a refund.



BakaKnight said:

Had no choice to experience those bugs, the game here is NOWHERE!!!

I'm honestly quite confused about this release... Friday I went in lots of stores of a big city and noone know it was coming out or had it listed in the releases' database. It's literally a -ghost-light title XD
Maybe this "european" release was not including Italy? Or maybe Ghostlight is a publisher even smaller than I thought and only sell online? ^^;

Whatever is the issue seems I was lucky I failed to find it, those bugs are a bit too extreme >_>;

Anyway let's hope they will fix them, I'm still considering to buy this game somehow soon or later



zipmon said:

Oh man, that's really too bad - hope they figure out a fix soon!



Croz said:

I have been unable to find this game anywhere, even had it pre-ordered on Amazon & GAME still no dispatch notice... So will this be a downloadable fix or a reissue of the game?



Hunter-D said:

I hope it's downloadable, it shouldn't be too big a patch. Also it's far cheaper than a re-issue and not to mention faster too.

When I think about it, has Atlus considered releasing all of their games on the eShop? like Code of Princess. I think that would be a better platform for localising their games. They released Code of Princess at a decent price too (£25) and it could help future titles arrive in places like the EU in half the time (hopefully).



Collision_Cat said:

@Hunter-D Code of Princess was self-published by the developers in Europe, Atlus didn't have a hand in it... but yeah, as much as I like having physical copies of games, that would be a good idea!
@BakaKnight I think it was only available online!



Hunter-D said:

@Collision_Cat Oh right, thanks for clearing that up. I just want their games to come here, I considered buying the DS games but having remakes for the 3DS is clearly the better option, it just comes comes down to the waiting game but this waiting game is an extremely hard one to play.



manic221 said:

@Starwolf_UK Have you never played a JRPG before? In Japan most of the time when talking to someone people will refer to the person by there second name infact unless you are very close to the person it is considered extremely rude to call someone by their first name in Japanese culture...

On topic however i'm sad to hear this Will probably still pick this up on Friday aslong as my local GAME have a copy and hope they patch it quite soon.



manic221 said:

@Tobias95 Artificial restrictions that's it that's why most handhelds up until the 3DS have been region free because there isn't region code for handhelds Nintendo trying to alleviate the rampart piracy of the DS days (which so far has worked as far as i know the 3DS still hasn't been hacked) impose an artificial restriction that stops games from other regions working.

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