Street Fighter Chess - For More Intellectual Brawling

Try the Ryu opening

Some say video games are violent, to which the response is often "yep, as are TV and films". Without getting dragged into a debate, we've found a product that is arguably as violent as anything else, it's the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set.

Chess? Violent? You bet, it's a game where minions are sent to their slaughter to defend a King who's so useless he only moves as many spaces as the lowliest pawns. It's a bloodbath war simulator, while also being an iconic, strategic and relatively serene board game.

If you're a fan of both old-fashioned figurative chess violence and the more literal brawling of the Street Fighter series, the pictured set may be well worth your consideration. Listed for a February release, it has a hefty price tag of $349.90 ($219.03), featuring a stylish glass board, individually housed resin pieces and a Card of Authenticity — only 5000 sets are being sold worldwide. Not a cheap collectible, but one that'll look rather good on the coffee table while engaging in a battle of wits.

In addition, you can argue over the assignment of characters to the most valuable pieces. So, do any of you want this chess set?


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