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Street Fighter Chess - For More Intellectual Brawling

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Try the Ryu opening

Some say video games are violent, to which the response is often "yep, as are TV and films". Without getting dragged into a debate, we've found a product that is arguably as violent as anything else, it's the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set.

Chess? Violent? You bet, it's a game where minions are sent to their slaughter to defend a King who's so useless he only moves as many spaces as the lowliest pawns. It's a bloodbath war simulator, while also being an iconic, strategic and relatively serene board game.

If you're a fan of both old-fashioned figurative chess violence and the more literal brawling of the Street Fighter series, the pictured set may be well worth your consideration. Listed for a February release, it has a hefty price tag of $349.90 ($219.03), featuring a stylish glass board, individually housed resin pieces and a Card of Authenticity — only 5000 sets are being sold worldwide. Not a cheap collectible, but one that'll look rather good on the coffee table while engaging in a battle of wits.

In addition, you can argue over the assignment of characters to the most valuable pieces. So, do any of you want this chess set?


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Squashie said:

Erm, not really something I need in my collection. I will most probably pass!



Yosher said:

I think this is pretty neat, actually. Although this -is- coming from someone who owns two sets of Dragonball chess (one of Z and one of GT), and the Super Mario chess set.



Ketchupcat said:

@Yosher I saw the Mario Chess Set in stores once, and was kind of shocked that the pawns were coins and shells, rather than toads and goombas.



Kyloctopus said:

I saw this on Capcom Unity's Website. It looks awesome. Too bad I don't know how to play chess.
Am I the only one thinking Street Fighter would make a great Strategy RPG?



ParSnake said:

I think the closest thing you can get to a Street Fighter SRPG is Project X Zone, which has Street Fighter characters.



Tsuchiya said:

No game even comes close to Chess especially with a great opponent. One of these days I'll try one of those 3D chess games.



BakaKnight said:

It looks great, no doubt about it, but am I wrong or pawns apart each piece is fully different?
Queens apart good luck always remembering who do what XD;

More a value collectable item than a practible version of chess



Grodus said:

Too violent. They're probably going to get sued when some kid finds the thing lyin' around.



AlexSora89 said:


What?! HERESY!

Of course, Capcom's fanbase would have appreciated a Mega Man Chess Set more, but this is still awesome nonetheless.



Brotagonist said:

Chess is the most vile plague to ever exist. It's fans are slaughtering inocents as we speak. You can count on me to boycott this disgusting product! In all honesty this thing is pretty cool.



ajcismo said:

Pretty cool, although for 3 bills Guile should be able to yell "sonic boom".



andreoni79 said:

what about an Eshop chess game for 3ds with videogames themes? (something like Zen Pinball) each set for $2 would be fine



Trikeboy said:

I love this, though probably won't buy it. I actually have an idea for a chess set based on Zelda that I really want to try and make. I have the roster fully worked out. I just need to get the materials together to start making it. I have thought ahead and would love to get it on Etsy so others can have it.

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