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Frozenbyte Considers Bringing Splot to Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"A modern-era fairytale in a playable form"

Frozenbyte is a developer that's likely to have earned credit from a lot of Wii U gamers for its release of Trine 2: Director's Cut, with a subsequent — albeit delayed — update improving the graphics while adding voice chat and Pro Controller support.

As a developer well known to gamers across multiple platforms, it's only natural that Nintendo fans would hope to see the studio return to Wii U in the future; when quizzed about more releases on YouTube, a reply suggested that additional titles could be coming to the eShop.

Thanks, we may bring future games to Wii U as well, we have enjoyed working on it. Our next game Splot might be a good choice (there are some technology related things we need to solve first, so it won't happen instantly). Our next "big" game will be a 2014 release so there's a lot of time until that, and we don't yet know which platforms we'll release it on (it could be PC-only)... we'll see. Thanks for the interest in any case!

Splot is a title currently listed for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and "other platforms", with the above comment suggesting Wii U could be in line. It seems like quite a diversion from the Trine universe, promising "easy and intuitive physics-based puzzles" to accompany the following quirky storyline.

Our story begins when young fairy Nettle and her mother argue.
Your screaming will make the stars tumble down, the mother says,
and Nettle goes to here room without dinner.
From her window, she can see stars falling from the sky!

Nettle leaves her home in an attempt to repair the situation,
but she soon finds out that she cannot touch the searing hot stars.
That's when someone falls out of the sky!

A curious blue creature with a friendly smile. Nettle decides to call him Splot!

It certainly sounds like a cheery title, while we might as well be greedy and hope for the "big" 2014 release, too. So, does Splot seem like a game you'd be interested in trying out on Wii U?


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Lyndexer said:

Have a feeling it's just gonna be your mediocre game. I won't be surprised if it hits a rating of 7 or lower.



123akis said:

saw some gameplay of this game on youtube... the gameplay is very similar to trine 2 (not the character swapping & hard puzzles but dragging things)



Henmii said:

First screenshot reminded me of Hydroventure! I keep an eye on it!



SteveW said:

Lets finish the PC version first since I bought it like 2 years ago as part of the Frozenbyte Humble Bundle and am still waiting to get it...



XCWarrior said:

2014? It's Feb of 2013. Don't go and try and finish your game in a timely fashion or anything.

Game devs need to not talk about a game until 3-4 months before release. I liked when Nintendo did that. The less time we have to knowingly wait for a game, the better.



LavaTwilight said:

Looks cute but I need more reason to purchase it than just 'cuteness',,, like maybe a dinosaur!



Lyndexer said:

@Eien1239 It just looks pretty bold. It looks like a blob version of Raymen Origins. And 7 is an okay rating. We all have different opinions on a game title.

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