Wii U has had quite a lot of third party support since its launch and no publisher has backed the system more than Ubisoft, which is releasing games left, right and centre. We already have the likes of exclusive ZombiU and multi-platform release Assassin's Creed III, Rayman Legends will be making an appearance in a few months, and now it's been revealed that Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth will arrive in the UK on 25th January.

Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth is a fighting game that sees you take control of one of twenty characters made available, including Iron Man, Hawkeye, Hulk and Spider-Man. It has been available on Xbox 360 for a few months and arrived on North American Wii U systems in December; it'll now finally assemble in Europe, too.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition, published by Activison, is also coming this spring, so it seems all our superhero needs are being catered for already in 2013.

Are you looking forward to playing Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth? Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments below.

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