Although Europe-wide figures are yet to surface, it appears that Wii U has been a sell-out success on its launch weekend in the UK. According to MCV's estimates, 40K units were sold throughout the UK, with retailers reporting that this effectively meant a complete sellout.

Weeks ago there were worrying reports that only 25K units would be available for the launch weekend in the UK, so these figures represent an improvement on that. It's being reported, however, that stock will only arrive at a "trickle" for the rest of the year, before availability significantly increases in the New Year. MCV believes that sales could have been a fair bit higher if the stock had been available, while estimating that more than two games were bought with each console, on average; these figures and estimates exclude download purchases from the Wii U eShop.

If correct these are fairly positive numbers for the UK, especially the suggestion that demand could have sustained higher levels of stock. Alongside Nintendo of America's 400K sales in its début week, there's been a solid set of figures and demand for Nintendo's new system; we also expect to see some big sales once the system arrives in Japan on 8th December.