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Fri 30th Nov 2012

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Sefton_d commented on Wii U Hits 40K Sales in UK Launch:

@b_willers just got this email from Tesco...
Dear Customer,
Thank you for your recent pre-order for a Wii U console.

On Friday 23rd November, we emailed you to tell you that despite industry wide issues with receiving Wii U stock from Nintendo, we still expected to deliver your Wii U pre-order on the day of release. We are sincerely sorry to inform you that we had further issues with the stock and therefore we were unable to despatch your console to you last week as we had originally hoped.

We are receiving more stock of the Wii U Premium Pack with Nintendo land console tomorrow, which we will despatch by courier and should arrive with you by Wednesday the 5th December.

This is certainly not the experience that we endeavour to provide our pre-order customers, and we do understand if you wish to cancel your pre-order.

However, if you choose to wait to receive your product, as an apology we would like to give you a discount of £10 when you place your next order at Tesco Direct. We will email you a £10 online discount code in 7 working days.

Once again we are very sorry, but we do hope to see you again at Tesco Direct.