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Panorama View And Google Maps Confirmed For Western Release

Posted by Andy Green

More intuitive ways to use your GamePad

This morning's Japanese Nintendo Direct revealed that Panorama View and Google Maps would both be coming to Wii U in Japan. Surely Nintendo wouldn't leave out North Americans and Europeans now, would it?

Well worry not westerners, as during this afternoon's North American and European Nintendo Direct presentations it was confirmed that both Panorama View and Google Maps will be made available to download from the Wii U eShop.

Panorama View is a simple application that was used to show off the Wii U concept way back in its infancy. The app allows you to move the GamePad 360 degrees to view scenes from any angle: you can take a London bus tour, fly with a flock of birds and more. It has since been found at various trade shows and events, but when the Wii U launched and the app wasn't included it looked like the novel little idea was just a tech demo. It's not the case though, as it'll be available to buy in the Wii U eShop in spring 2013. A free demo version will also be released. Until then, you can read our Panorama View first impressions from earlier this year.

Google Maps appears to operate in a similar way to the browser version, only with the Wii U you can use the GamePad to pan the camera about — something that looks to be incredibly useful on Street View. Since Wii U has two screens, Street View can be gazed at on the GamePad while the main bird's eye view map remains on your TV. Naturally, you can throw the Street View onto the big screen for all to see if you wish.

Both of these applications will be coming in early 2013. Will you be making good use of your Wii U by downloading either of them?

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Auracle said:

The Panorama view sounds interesting, but I think I could have a lot of fun with Google maps. A little too much fun perhaps.



FiveDigitLP said:

If Google Maps is free (or REALLY cheap), then I will get it. I enjoy using Street View both for looking at places I've never been before and for trying to get a visual sense for a place I'm going to be traveling to. If I'm trying to map out a trip and the directions end up not being completely clear, sometimes I'll use Street View to so I can actually SEE the location. I think using the GamePad for this would be a lot more intuitive than trying to use your mouse or touch screen.



ShadJV said:

The wording of the Nintendo Life summary of the Nintendo Direct gave me the impression that Google Maps will be part of Panorama View (I missed watching most of the Nintendo Direct firsthand). Is that true? I do understand Panorama View is not free.



Firejonie said:

I kinda wish Panorama View was free, hopefully it won't be too expensive. Same goes for Google Maps if it's not free too.



Wonder_Ideal said:

@dudey300 - Great minds think alike I suppose. Viewing my house was my first order of business as well. Either that or checking out Nintendo headquarters.



SMW said:

I'll be getting this for sure. I'm glad they didn't ditch Panaroma View. Looks like good fun to me. Makes the Google Maps StreetView much easier to control, it seems.



NintyMan said:

I can see myself playing around with this for sure. Hopefully they will be free or cheap.



kurtasbestos said:

Pffft, Google Maps Street View is worthless ever since they updated the images in Seattle and you can no longer see me receiving a package from the femailman in my underwear at my front door.



Banker-Style said:

Perfect time to stare into people's windows in HD

Nintendo you've just given a whole to meaning to a peeping Tom.

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