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Wii U UK Launch Event Set for HMV in London

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Free games for the first 100

With one week before its release in Europe, details have now emerged of the UK's Wii U launch event — it's set for HMV's flagship London store on Oxford Street. As you'd expect it'll be a midnight launch, and various incentives and activities are planned to keep eager Wii U early-adopters warm.

The doors will officially open at 11pm ahead of the first midnight sales, but it's also been confirmed that the first 100 people in the queue will get a free copy of New Super Mario Bros. U and another game of their choice from a specified selection. The next 100 get the less glamorous prize of a £5 voucher, while the first 500 will all get a Wii U goody bag, sure to have its share of Mario-shaped bits and bobs included.

There'll also be games on display for shoppers to try, specifically New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land and ZombiU. Intriguingly, the press release promises promotional characters from Mario's 2D adventure and Ubisoft's zombie horror title, which is guaranteed to give some good photo opportunities.

So, are any of you planning to get down to London to queue up for this launch event?

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misswliu81 said:

that's funny. because 2 weeks ago i popped into HMV in oxford street and asked one of the sales assistants if they were doing an evening launch for the wii U, and he said 'no'.

still, good thing this is happening.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Hmmmm, do I now cancel my preorder from Blockbuster and queue in London....
2 free games would be nice and I am working in London that day....
I might get a special mention if I wear my Nintenjoe Tshirt!



Banker-Style said:

When ever an event is going down in the UK,you know that it's always going to be in London.



Marios-love-child said:

Would cost me more than the price of 2 free games to get down from Liverpool to London and back so think I'll give that one a miss 😛



Marios-love-child said:


If you take into account taxi fares to and from the station, the fact that I'd have to lose a days pay from work and probably have to pay for some kind of over night accommodation in London, overall it would work out cheaper to just buy the games I want 😄



Jel83 said:


Okay missing a day work or two I can understand but I just wanted to point out that coach to Victoria from Liverpool is £19, bus to the store is £2.30 each way (unless you have a oyster, in which case £1.35 e/way) and if you don't mind sitting up at vic station you can get the first coach to Liverpool at 6am. But it does seem a lot of effort for a chance to get two games on the other hand it might be fun



Buzzthebatgirl said:

Not worth cancelling my preorder on Amazon for, but worth going down with a Gamepad cake to share at midnight. See you there



Marios-love-child said:


Yes I take your point but still all in all it would be too much effort for what it's worth. 😊

Why do these things always have to be in London anyway? We have 2 massive HMV stores in Liverpool and also one in St. Helens which only down the road, if only they would do something similar



Pikachupwnage said:

Awww man. Thats an awesome deal. Wish gametop had gave out Some free loot

P.S Thomas Is your Nintendo network ID Enistachia? Becuase I sent a friend request to Enistachia and he has a mii named Thomas that looks awfully like your profile pic.......just noticed that.

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