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Ubisoft Plan To Sell Wii U Retail Games Via The eShop

Posted by Andy Green

Uplay service also incoming

Nintendo are being secretive as always about their plans to bring retail Wii U games to the eShop but that hasn't stopped third party developers from getting the ball rolling with their own digital plans for the new console.

Namco Bandai has already confirmed that Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition will be available to download through the eShop in Japan and now Ubisoft has thrown its hat into the ring claiming as soon as Nintendo make it possible, it will be bringing its retail games to the eShop.

Speaking to Polygon, Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot said that the company aims to have retail titles like Assassin’s Creed III and Rayman Legends available on the eShop as soon as possible, and also confirmed that the Uplay service will be coming to the Wii U sometime after the console launches.

Uplay is Ubisoft's digital distribution, multiplayer and achievement tracking system and is tied to all of the publisher's games. The achievements will be able to be viewed across all platforms, so if you were disappointed by the news that the Wii U will not have a universal achievement system you’ll at least be able to collect some in Ubisoft's games.

Guillemot also revealed the company is in talks with retailers about making download codes available to buy in-store, with the aim being to increase the purchasing options available to gamers:

It's something we are discussing with the different retailers because we think sometimes when people go to the shop they want to get information on what game to buy and also how to play it and so on. So the retailers are really bringing something that can help them sell the right games so they have a good experience.

There's no definitive date on when all of this will happen but it's nice to know it's all on the way. What are your thoughts? Would you like the option to buy a game through the Nintendo eShop? Let us know in the comments section below.


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KingDunsparce said:

Posted 0 seconds ago
Edit: Anyways, I normally don't download retail games but maybe I should start. It's a lot more convienent.



Tsuchiya said:

All this Wii U news... I'm wearing out so many trousers reading and waiting.
Just as well nearly everything will be downloadable O_O

I was initially put off by downloads. Lord knows why. Bring it on!



therick112 said:

You can use external USB hard drives, the storage solution we all wanted for Wii.



rjejr said:

Price and storage will be the deciding factors. Ubisoft games tend to drop in price rather quickly after release so I don't see the point in paying full MSRP for a game that will be half price 6 months later, Nintendo games tend to stay full MSRP for years so they make a bit more sense.



Punky said:

@LEGEND_MARIOID I dont think you cant play off SD cards but you can play off an external hard drive...I remember seeing this somewhere on twitter I think. dont know how true it is .



alLabouTandroiD said:

Still can't see me paying more than 20€ for a download.
I hope Uplay will be available for games on a disc.



Boo_Buster said:

If I remember correctly, and of course I do, PS3 didn't get trophies until after launch through a system update. If fans complain enough, and Nintendo hears them loudly enough, I am sure the same can be done on the Wii U. Having said that, I don't care about trophies. Trophies are for people with low self esteem, something I do not lack, whatsoever They would just be there, as they are on my PS3, providing nothing more than a lackluster "hooray" when one pops up. I get my self-justification elsewhere; video gaming, for me, is a relaxation station. I agree with Nintendo's decision, although I am sure I am among the minority.



Kyloctopus said:

I'm glad the Wii U is catching up with the developers help. They almost seem to be doing more about Online services than Nintendo.



Hokori said:

Good now Capcom, Square, and Konami announce selling every current 3DS title of yours on 3DS eShop, so I can get KH DDD and transfer MGS, RER, and SSFIV



diim said:

This is great news, I would love to purchase games on the WiiU from uplay, steam, orgin.....this would be perfection.



DarkLloyd said:

@Boo_Buster pretty rude comment you made there "Trophies are for people with low self esteem, something I do not lack, whatsoever " insecure much?

anyways lack of an self award system doesnt bother me that much there are alway lots of other ways to feel like you 100% a game if one so desires, i certainly likely dont intend to get 100% of trophies on my ps3 or achievements on my 360 on all of my games, so when picking up the wiiu less then a week from now i will just look to the ingame stuff if i want to feel like i 100% what the game has to offer



HaastMK7 said:

sounds awesome.

I wish they started releasing some down loadable versions of these on the 3DS e-shop

Resident Evil Mercenaries
Resident Evil Revelations
Heroes of Ruin



Trikeboy said:

Downloads make sense on a portable device since being asked to carry around all of your little game cards is troublesome, but it is not so much on a home console. How much effort does it take to get off your sofa and change the game disc? Being far from game stores isn't an excuse either since there are many websites dedicated to shipping games. I have the premium on order but I will be saving the space for download only games.



Sean_Aaron said:

After being forced to order titles like Muramasa online because a certain monopolistic retailer wouldn't stock it, being able to cut out the middle man and simply download would be nice.

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