Reggie is out in force leading up to Nintendo's next generation console release on 18th November (like you'd forgotten). Reggie appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show last night in the US to do some high-profile promotion work, and took a midnight stroll to the Nintendo World Store to meet and greet fans.

Talking with The Washington Post, meanwhile, he's explained why Nintendo wanted to grasp the digital age with Wii U, due to the popularity of downloading games content.

We prioritized the eShop because we’re seeing that, first, there’s a segment of consumers that want their games digitally on the system and don’t want the hassle, potentially, of physical discs. We’ve also seen the ongoing business opportunities with digital content. Continuous transactions with this content is something publishers especially view as critical to the ongoing monetization of their franchises.

Going digital has stirred a bit of a debate due to the large file sizes of games being downloaded from the eShop, meaning the Wii U's internal memory will fill up quickly. On another topic, Reggie is pleased at how developers are tackling the idea of the GamePad's second screen, and how it apparently enhances the multiplayer experience in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2:

What I love is that developers are utilizing the second screen of the GamePad in completely different ways.

Multiplayer in the same room has always been a challenge because of the split screen environment. But [the Wii U] multiplayer allows two players to focus on individual screens. It’s a much more fun and robust experience.

He will be making his traditional appearance at tonight's midnight launch at the Nintendo World Store in New York. As usual, we will be providing you with coverage as Wii U hits stores.