Are you ready to play one of the highest-profile party games for Wii U? We hope so, as Nintendo has announced that SiNG Party will be hitting European shelves on 18th January 2013. Developed by FreeStyleGames, details have been provided on various modes such as Party Mode, Sing Mode, Team Mode and Practice Mode.

Party Mode sees the lead singer screeching along to lyrics on the Wii U Gamepad, while other users follow on-screen dancing and vocal instructions; for some variety, the Wii Remotes can be used as instruments, such as a tambourine. Your typical karaoke experience can be found in Sing Mode, where you simply read the lyrics from the TV screen; if you're playing with a friend, the GamePad can be used to line up the next song after the current player is finished. Team Mode is where things could heat up for enthusiastic singers, where you face off in a duet or a solo against your opposition for a place on top of the podium, with the GamePad used to judge the performances. Practice Mode is fairly obvious; we suspect that the majority of people will need to use it, a lot.

It seems as if it'll have a number of options, but it's interesting that it's being released outside the Holiday period; it would have been the right sort of game to whip out at a family Christmas party, or some New Year's Eve fun at the neighbour's house. Let us know your thoughts as always.