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Assassin's Creed III on Wii U Will Feature All DLC

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

No mention of micro-transactions, yet

With a big-budget release on the scale of Assassin's Creed III, you can be confident that one thing will definitely make an appearance — DLC. With Wii U set to support extensive online options only rarely utilised on Wii, we'll need to get used to the idea that sometimes the game in the box won't be the final story; there'll be extras to unlock with a credit card.

Ubisoft has revealed details of the planned DLC for Assassin's Creed III and also confirmed that all of it will be available on Wii U. Additional content will include a new single-player campaign split over three episodic releases, while the multiplayer component will be bolstered by a variety of extra maps and characters — it's a little unclear whether the reported micro-transactions will be in the game. Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will be able to buy a "season pass" for around $29.99 that will include all of this content, the price representing a 25% discount on the individual packs and also allowing access one week early. The pass and pricing are unconfirmed for Wii U, however, so it's unknown whether this incentive will be available on Nintendo's system.

There's a big world of DLC on the way, though we need to see whether Wii U owners will have a chance to buy the season pass, and equivalent promotions, or end up paying more for each download individually. This side of gaming was very rare on Wii, but do you think you'll be buying a lot of DLC?

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I'm getting excited for this game but I have to ask, do I need to have played the other games to understand this one? Or will the beginning lead me into the story? Also, has Ubisoft said whether this is a day 1 digital title?



Chrno-x said:

You should play AC 1 and 2 (Brotherhood and Revelations are not necessary).if you want to know what's really going on in the story.



irken004 said:

I'd say Brotherhood is a little necessary for the story. I've only played AC1 and Brotherhood, and understood the story well so far. Plus you can watch youtube gameplays of the other games to understand it more.



Ryno said:

@rcmadiax: No you will not have to play previous ones.

I will probably get this on the PS3 for the exclusive missions.



Raiko said:

I'm alright with not having a season pass to be honest. You can never tell the quality of DLC and sometimes the price isn't justified.



capitalism said:

I would like there to be a season pass option on the Wii U. I see myself buying a lot of DLC, especially for games as epic as Assassins Creed 3.



KatoStudios said:

@rcmadiax the great thing about Assassins creed is none of the games require you to have played others. They are all completely separate. (though they do reference each-other sometimes with a character, but you can still understand EVERYTHING in the game without prior experience in assassins creed. Adding this to my Wii U collection on release day. IDC about DLC's. Why te hell would I want it on xbox or ps3, when the Wii U is a newer system? Like really. Wii U all the way if you are buying any games that are on all platforms.



Ichiban said:

At the start of AC3 there is a catch up sequence explaining the story so far in a nutshell (been playing it on my ps3). So newcomers should feel comfortable diving straight into this;)



Chunky_Droid said:

I really wanted to get into this series, I really did. I thought the first game was terrible though.



ThreadShadow said:

Will it include the Mayan temple expedition level (x360) and the Benedict Arnold levels (ps3)? I hope so.



DarkNinja9 said:

i wasnt sure if to wait for this game or just to get it on xbox but not being sure on the DLC made me go with xbox so oh well



MAB said:

@ChunkyDroid Yeah I'm the same bro beat the first AC but never bothered with the others... As long as I can throw some fools off a rooftop, shoot mofos in the throat with a bow and use a tomahawk as my deathblow in the end that's all that really matters... No need for a story

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