With a big-budget release on the scale of Assassin's Creed III, you can be confident that one thing will definitely make an appearance — DLC. With Wii U set to support extensive online options only rarely utilised on Wii, we'll need to get used to the idea that sometimes the game in the box won't be the final story; there'll be extras to unlock with a credit card.

Ubisoft has revealed details of the planned DLC for Assassin's Creed III and also confirmed that all of it will be available on Wii U. Additional content will include a new single-player campaign split over three episodic releases, while the multiplayer component will be bolstered by a variety of extra maps and characters — it's a little unclear whether the reported micro-transactions will be in the game. Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will be able to buy a "season pass" for around $29.99 that will include all of this content, the price representing a 25% discount on the individual packs and also allowing access one week early. The pass and pricing are unconfirmed for Wii U, however, so it's unknown whether this incentive will be available on Nintendo's system.

There's a big world of DLC on the way, though we need to see whether Wii U owners will have a chance to buy the season pass, and equivalent promotions, or end up paying more for each download individually. This side of gaming was very rare on Wii, but do you think you'll be buying a lot of DLC?