Scribblenauts Unlimited will arrive on North American shores on 18th November alongside the Wii U console. The list of launch games baying for your day one dollars is growing.

5th Cell's word-'em-up expands the Scribblenauts concept to include larger levels with multiple objectives to roam through, as well as the smaller puzzle stages found in past titles. It'll also be the first time we get a look at protagonist Maxwell's back story, plus extra players can grab hold of Wii Remotes to join in the fun co-operatively. On top of that there's an object creator so that you can create anything your mind can dream up.

Not convinced to pick Scribblenauts Unlimited up on launch day yet? Take a look at this object creation trailer, which details the editing mode via the age-old medium of a Cthulhu-based tragedy, and see if it changes your mind. We're not sure when Europeans will be able to help out poor Clownthulhu, as there's no confirmed date just yet.