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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Officially Revealed by Activision

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We already knew, but it's nice to see footage, right?

Earlier today we shared a sneaky snapshot from the New York Wii U event, as good as confirming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for Wii U. Now the cat — which we knew was in the bag — has finally been let out and shown off near the end of the event.

It was confirmed that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will arrive in November, though it's not clear whether it'll be there for the North American launch on 18th November. There was a live demo on stage that showed multiplayer, with visuals that were thoroughly decent if not spectacular; full screen multiplayer was shown with one player exclusively on the GamePad screen, while support for Wii Remote and Nunchuk was confirmed. We're going to assume that the Wii U Pro Controller will also be compatible.

Will Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 attract gamers to Wii U, and will it sell well on the system in the launch period? Time will tell, but it certainly won't do any harm.

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Shiryu said:

Looks like my neighbours will be suffering all night from bullets and explosions sounds on November 30th.



hYdeks said:

I personally don't care, but I hope it gets people on a Nintendo system



Hokori said:

@hydeks Me either, but I doubt it'll get people on WiiU because all the people I know buy COD day one which is a week before WiiU and they are done with it a week later, COD games just don't have enough content in them



Chrono_Cross said:

COD games just don't have enough content in them

Black Ops has more replay value than your silly runner up adventure game / RPG.

Good for future Wii U owners. Unfortunately, I don't expect it to sell in the millions. lol



GreenDream said:

@Chrono_Cross "Black Ops has more replay value than your silly runner up adventure game / RPG"

That depends on the game... and in CoD's case, your enjoyment of the replay value depends on your tolerance for 13-year old boys calling you a pile of sticks and racial epithets while dry humping your corpse. I don't know if that's your idea of fun, but it definitely is not mine.



shonenjump86 said:

I could never really get into COD games. I kinda doubt this game will get people playing on Nintendo systems. Everyone on my friend list on 360 will be playing this I'm sure.



Silvervisiona said:

This is rewarding the many Nintendo fans that prefer not to defer to other systems, but have had to in order to get the best HD experiences during the past 5 years. No need to defer any longer!



TruenoGT said:

I understand the technical and proprietary network challenges, but it's so unfortunate that we don't see cross-platform play with games like this. I mean Tekken Tag 2, COD, etc, it would be baddonkey to be able to play with friends who buy different systems. Another benefit would be people could finally take their internet fanboy forum flame wars into actual competition!




They said in the US Nintendo Direct that the Pro Controller would be supported so no assumptions are needed(as it says in the article) the pro Controller IS supported.



Jack_Package said:

I applaud Activision for supporting every control option. Good work.

Definitely on my radar. Waiting on Zombie news



kyuubikid213 said:

I'm getting this. I'm ready to feel the rush of a true CoD online experience. I just hope Miiverse lets me shut immature people up so I can enjoy the sounds of carnage.



Ichiban said:

The 2 player gamepad/TV mode has me sold on this. Plus im looking forward to playing online with fellow Nintendo gamers, hopefully fewer trolls & bigmouths lol



Drobotic said:

The online community on the Wii version of CoD is actually quite bearable.It's Xbox Live and PSN that have bad communites.Just think,have there ever been a YouTube video of some kid raging,yelling,insulting,etc. on the Wii version of CoD?

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