Earlier on today we brought you the headline news that Nintendo reported a financial loss for the first quarter, which was very much expected. Despite some pre-results whispers, Nintendo didn't adjust its projections for returning a profit this financial year, showing a degree of confidence in the process.

The financial report that was issued had some interesting information, including total worldwide hardware and software sales for the three months up to 30th June. We've reproduced these below, showing the sales performance of the major hardware and related software in each region, with comparison figures for the same quarter in 2011 in brackets.


In the case of 3DS, it's a sizeable improvement across the board in comparison to last year. Nintendo would like worldwide sales to show the same momentum as those in Japan, so that will no doubt be a priority with the launch of 3DS XL.

Japan: 920,000 (210,000)
The Americas: 420,000 (110,000)
Other: 530,000 (400,000)
Worldwide total - 1,860,000 (720,000)
Lifetime sales: 19,000,000

Japan: 2,960,000 (1,030,000)
The Americas: 2,470,000 (1,840,000)
Other: 1,960,000 (1,670,000)
Worldwide total: 7,390,000 (4,530,000)
Lifetime sales: 52,810,000


The trend for Wii is less positive, which is no surprise due to the upcoming Wii U and the poor momentum that the system has suffered for a number of months. An interesting statistic is that, thanks to its significant fanbase, more Wii games were sold in this period than for 3DS.

Japan: 60,000 (110,000)
The Americas: 210,000 (530,000)
Other: 440,000 (920,000)
Worldwide total: 710,000 (1,560,000)
Lifetime sales: 96,560,000

Japan: 950,000 (940,000)
The Americas: 3,900,000 (6,440,000)
Other: 3,620,000 (6,070,000)
Worldwide total: 8,470,000 (13,440,000)
Lifetime sales: 826,930,000


As surely everyone knows, DS hardware sales are no longer anything to shout about, as its successor is now into its second year. Despite the hardware slump DS software, with a big boost from the Japanese release of Pokemon Black and White 2, has actually out-performed the individual totals of Wii and 3DS.

Japan: 10,000 (110,000)
The Americas: 400,000 (550,000)
Other: 130,000 (780,000)
Worldwide total: 540,000 (1,440,000)
Lifetime sales: 152,050,000

Japan: 2,810,000 (1,740,000)
The Americas: 3,080,000 (5,500,000)
Other: 2,590,000 (4,890,000)
Worldwide total: 8,480,000 (12,130,000)
Lifetime sales: 908,780,000

So there you have it, a picture of the sales in the last three months for Nintendo's current available systems. The downward trends of Wii and DS are expected, and Nintendo will be hoping that an increasing userbase will help 3DS to overtake its predecessors in software sales in the year to come. It's not all rosy in Peach's garden, but there are some blossoms coming through.

[via nintendo.co.jp]