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Nintendo Financial Results: Console and Software Sales

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

How are they all doing?

Earlier on today we brought you the headline news that Nintendo reported a financial loss for the first quarter, which was very much expected. Despite some pre-results whispers, Nintendo didn't adjust its projections for returning a profit this financial year, showing a degree of confidence in the process.

The financial report that was issued had some interesting information, including total worldwide hardware and software sales for the three months up to 30th June. We've reproduced these below, showing the sales performance of the major hardware and related software in each region, with comparison figures for the same quarter in 2011 in brackets.


In the case of 3DS, it's a sizeable improvement across the board in comparison to last year. Nintendo would like worldwide sales to show the same momentum as those in Japan, so that will no doubt be a priority with the launch of 3DS XL.

Japan: 920,000 (210,000)
The Americas: 420,000 (110,000)
Other: 530,000 (400,000)
Worldwide total - 1,860,000 (720,000)
Lifetime sales: 19,000,000

Japan: 2,960,000 (1,030,000)
The Americas: 2,470,000 (1,840,000)
Other: 1,960,000 (1,670,000)
Worldwide total: 7,390,000 (4,530,000)
Lifetime sales: 52,810,000


The trend for Wii is less positive, which is no surprise due to the upcoming Wii U and the poor momentum that the system has suffered for a number of months. An interesting statistic is that, thanks to its significant fanbase, more Wii games were sold in this period than for 3DS.

Japan: 60,000 (110,000)
The Americas: 210,000 (530,000)
Other: 440,000 (920,000)
Worldwide total: 710,000 (1,560,000)
Lifetime sales: 96,560,000

Japan: 950,000 (940,000)
The Americas: 3,900,000 (6,440,000)
Other: 3,620,000 (6,070,000)
Worldwide total: 8,470,000 (13,440,000)
Lifetime sales: 826,930,000


As surely everyone knows, DS hardware sales are no longer anything to shout about, as its successor is now into its second year. Despite the hardware slump DS software, with a big boost from the Japanese release of Pokemon Black and White 2, has actually out-performed the individual totals of Wii and 3DS.

Japan: 10,000 (110,000)
The Americas: 400,000 (550,000)
Other: 130,000 (780,000)
Worldwide total: 540,000 (1,440,000)
Lifetime sales: 152,050,000

Japan: 2,810,000 (1,740,000)
The Americas: 3,080,000 (5,500,000)
Other: 2,590,000 (4,890,000)
Worldwide total: 8,480,000 (12,130,000)
Lifetime sales: 908,780,000

So there you have it, a picture of the sales in the last three months for Nintendo's current available systems. The downward trends of Wii and DS are expected, and Nintendo will be hoping that an increasing userbase will help 3DS to overtake its predecessors in software sales in the year to come. It's not all rosy in Peach's garden, but there are some blossoms coming through.


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thedanman64 said:

DS sales: 152 million
Playstation 2: 154.4 million

That's the target DS needs to be beat to be the best selling console of all time. It's getting ever so close...



ThomasBW84 said:

@thedanman64 That's a cool stat I actually think it'll fall just short, considering it only just got past half a million this year. It'll only slow down more, so I can't see it selling another 2.4 million units.



Koos said:

20 million 3D's systems already our there. Wow. THats impressive. 100 million wiis and 150 Ds Nintendo really manages to push hardware. Billion games for Wii and 3ds is pretty amazing too. Nintendo needs to push that 50 million number for 3ds hopefully it succeeds.



Koos said:

@Thomas you mean half a million quarter not a year. It can easily sell 3 million more in 2 years.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Koos Ah yes, silly me. It's possible then, but those numbers will continue to fall, so it'll be a close thing.



Kage_88 said:

Godd to see its not all doom and gloom.

3DS is really gaining momentum now!



Dentyone said:

@Pikminsi Then you, my friend, have opted out of the best handheld Mario ever (Super Mario 3D Land), a far superior version of the best reviewed game ever (Ocarina of Time 3D), a brilliant Mario Kart (7) and the upcoming Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion games. That's a whole lot of Nintendo love you're not going to get on the DS.



NintyMan said:

Here's hoping the old DS passes over the Playstation 2 as the best selling game console ever. The 3DS will be gaining more steam come the 3DS XL launch and NSMB2.



hYdeks said:

if nintendo listened to there north american fans more, maybe there sales would be better over there? Xenoblade and Last Story are a good start though.



Phle said:

Well, now I certainly feel like getting just a few extra new DSi's to ensure that I have a lifetime supply.

Oh, wait... DSi costs just about 10% less than a 3DS or a DSi Lite in this country. Why does the DSi Lite and the 3DS cost the same?! Either the 3DS is extremely underpriced or the DSi is horridly overpriced. I'm guessing a combination of both. 3DS XL comes in as a neat super expensive add-on though, 90% bigger screens does of course give a 90% higher prize if you want to buy a charger to go with that 3DS XL... Actually you can get two 3DS consoles for the prize of one 3DS XL and a charging cradle, but you have to wait a month for your XL charging cradle... Guessing gaming stores are having a blast putting prize tags on those handheld consoles.



Hokori said:

Let the people who are blind on wheatear or not a 3DS is an upgrade be blind so that they can buy a DS and have Nintendo outsell the PS2 with that system, and then when they finally see a 3DS ISN'T a DS then they upgrade to that and that way the 3DS can also out sell the original DS and also PS2



chiptoon said:

why would Nintendo get out of the hardware business? Isn't Apple the only company that's selling more hardware units? And that's always a comparison that annoys me, since Apple doesn't make dedicated gaming hardware.



Araknie said:

Iwata nuff said this already 3 days ago, it's normal and common for at least one year from WiiU launch so if they said that, they can afford that.



Magicpegasus said:

I'm sorry, but I don't give a damn about economics. When I was a child obsessed with video games, I had absolutely no idea that the video game industry (Atari) had crashed. When Nintendo emerged, there was continuity, they had earned their place. Why should I care now? Why should I observe markets? What does that have to do with gaming? I am the consumer, after all. Study me, if you want. But I will not study you. I will play (and buy) your games, if they are worth playing.

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