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King Nintendo 64 Lords It Up At Otakon

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Kneel, PS1 loyalists

The console wars are long since over for Nintendo 64, the curvy chunk that heralded the end of the cartridge era and fought heroically before succumbing to its rivals. If that particular console war was ever re-imagined, however, then there seems to be one gamer that could ride into battle with Epona: King Nintendo 64, of course.

To give you some context, this past weekend was the Otakon convention in Baltimore, USA, a celebration of anime, manga and Asian culture as a whole. Like many conventions, some attendees decided that cosplay was the way to go, and King Nintendo 64 therefore ascended to the throne. Before becoming retro royalty the king was known as Gary from Philadelphia, and he said that it took him a month to produce the outfit.

There are plenty of games and at least three consoles making up a sword, suit of armour and shield; courtesy of coloured cartridges you may even be able to figure out what some of those games are. It may not be the most elegant of outfits, but it certainly shows how much this man loves his N64.


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SpaceKappa said:

I guess I'm just a stick in the mud because I find it disgusting when people destroy cartridges and systems like this. It's not like they make any of these things anymore!

It's one thing if ALL those cartridges didn't work but I find that very hard to believe. Look at all those copies of Majora's Mask! Resident Evil 2 is a rare game to begin with! Blah. The sacrifices were not worth it if you ask me.



seronja said:

this dude is awesome! i still prefer n64 over any other console to date =) rareware made my childhood perfect! =D



Araknie said:

Nah, still better the N64 games vs the PS1 ones.

Just because of the much more variety and series continuation from genres that PS1 just overlooked because they think to do that. It's a thing that i find only, and i'm still here to confirm with modern consoles, on Nintendo consoles: variety of gaming genres.



Rensch said:

The geekness of that photo oozes out of my computer screen onto my keyboard.



KingMike said:

I'd agree it would be pretty bad if the games were destroyed in the process. I see a Conker's Bad Fur Day in there.
And I saw someone else make another N64 costume that included a gray Majora's Mask (I didn't even know they existed, so it's got to be worth something).



NintyMan said:

That picture is so geeky, it's awesome. With that sword, you can get people to get N or get out!



KAHN said:

this punk isn't King N64! look! he has the STANDARD Zelda:OoT cartridge! he'd REALLY be a king if he had a GOLDEN cart! look hard enough, you'll find the standard cart. it's on the right.



RevolverLink said:

Maybe it's the nerd in me, but I'd hate to think that he ruined perfectly functional cartridges to make this.



RevolverLink said:

In fairness, this isn't quite as wasteful as the regalia adorning one of his sworn enemies, the Grand Duke of Sega Saturn. Most of the suckers he's sporting are a lot rarer than the numerous Majora's Mask carts His Majesty has managed to acquire.



TheConsiglio said:

AW,Man Resident Evil 2, Conker's Bad Fur Day And Majora's Mask.A REAL DARN SHAME.
He Even Has Banjo-Tooie In There.



Nintenbro said:

Wow! What a reject. I bet his girlfriend is extremely proud of him, if he even has a girlfriend.



Vincent294 said:

Cool, though the point of ruining most of the stuff (as at least 1/2 has to be functional, most broken ones would be in the trash), is kinda sad. I grew up on the PS1, but the N64 was a pretty good system, and I bet it would've been awesome to have played that during its time.



Jumpman said:

I think it's awesome playing it today, just don't compare it to today's consoles. Just pop in THPS 1, grab a slice of pizza, and sing along to a looped version of "Superman" like it's 1999.



Jumpman said:

I see a Smash Bros. cartridge on him. I wish I still had my copy of Smash Bros.. Sigh...

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