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Try New Super Mario Bros. 2 at Games Britannia Next Week

Posted by James Newton

Go for gold

UK video game celebration Games Britannia will be the first opportunity for fans to try out New Super Mario Bros. 2 on Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo is bringing the platformer to Sheffield next week as part of its Nintendo Unleashed tour, alongside Kid Icarus: Uprising and 'quirky' (to say the least) Wii title Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise.

Get down to Sheffield's Magna Centre on 7th and 8th July to try out Mario and more. Tickets are available now.


Games Britannia, 2-8 July 2012, Sheffield

Games Britannia will be host to the first ever UK consumer showing of New Super Mario Bros. 2, a side-scrolling adventure game for Nintendo 3DS featuring Mario, Luigi and lots of other favourite characters from the Mario universe.

Those keen to get hands-on will not be disappointed, with every level filled with coin collecting opportunities, the Mushroom Kingdom is bursting with adventure. The game records all the coins players collect throughout their quest, so completing a level is only part of the fun.

Nintendo 3DS enthusiasts at Games Britannia will also get the opportunity to play one of the biggest games to hit Nintendo 3DS this year, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and celebrate the revival of hero Pit with a dedicated Swap Shop and battle zone for the collectible AR Cards. AR cards will be available to win for all those victorious in battle.

That’s not all, for those looking to get hands on with the Wii, the quirky new rhythm-based game Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise will be available to demo with exclusive souvenir posters on offer for all those who trial the game.

For more information check out which will be updated with events throughout the Unleashed tour.

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McHaggis said:

@arrmixer: I wouldn't go to the show just to play NSMB2, and most of the stuff seems to be targeting kids looking for careers in video games. I think I'll just wait.



Raylax said:

Excuse double-post, currently without an Edit button
Also, "2-8 July 2012"? Website says 7-8th July. This a typo in the original press release?



Grackler said:

I'm going Saturday, since that when my mates were free, but I might pop down Sunday too, just to see the Martin Hollis/Eurocom interview.



cool_girl said:

I cant believe that i can chat like this on my 3Ds it really doesnt work. Although this is the first time!



Arcadian said:

@Vintage @wenywoo Just to clear up any confusion over the dates - it is only possible to purchase tickets to the weekend/public event ("Games Britannia REPLAYED") which takes place on the 7th & 8th July.

A schools festival is also being staged during the weekdays (2nd-6th July) but this is a private event and is ONLY open to local schools that have an existing/confirmed booking!

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