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Rumour: Splinter Cell: Blacklist Coming to Wii U

Posted by James Newton

Play Sam again

Ubisoft's got a lot of Wii U games to show off next Monday, and one of them might feature everyone's favourite gruff-voiced special agent spy that's not Solid Snake.

According to reports, Splinter Cell: Blacklist is heading to Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360 in early 2013. Ubisoft has refused to comment, saying only it "doesn't comment on rumour and speculation," but we guess we won't have to wait too much longer to find out how real this one is.

Ubisoft's E3 2012 press conference is on Monday 4th June at 3pm Pacific time — that's 11pm UK.


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BenAV said:

If it's true I won't be too excited for it, but if it turns out well, then I could possibly end up getting it.



Kyloctopus said:

This is no surprise a rumour like this would be made. Ubisoft said they have a pantload of titles.



accc said:

I don't care about Splinter Cell, but is the article tagline a reference to Casablanca? If it is, good show!



capitalism said:

Excited for some stealth action on Wii U. Love me some Splinter Cell so I can't wait to see it in action.



TimboBaggins said:

is this a new splinter cell, or a compilation? Sorry, the "backlist" title has me a little confused. I know nothing is confirmed yet.

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