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Level-5 CEO Raises Possibility of Inazuma Eleven MMORPG

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Possible, but strange

The Inazuma Eleven series is still relatively unknown outside of Japan. The first two DS titles have arrived in Europe, though only after a fair bit of waiting, while the third for the system, the series debut on 3DS and two Wii spin-offs are yet to arrive outside of Nintendo's homeland. We can safely assume, due to the volume of sequels and follow-ups in the franchise, that Japanese gamers have plenty of appetite for these over-the-top sports RPG titles.

We did rather enjoy the second DS entry in our Inazuma Eleven 2 Firestorm review, as the quest to save the world by playing football/soccer was full of charm. Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino, however, has curiously tweeted the following.

If there was an Inazuma Eleven MMORPG, would you play it?

The concept of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on Inazuma Eleven is interesting and, technically, a good fit. You could manage your team, meet others for matches, trade power-ups and items and more, though it could also be drab, clumsy and convoluted.

What do you think? Would Inazuma Eleven, or any other DS JRPG titles that you know and love, work well as MMORPGs?


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Mys son and I are fans of this series. Just bring the sequels and other iterations on, we'll insta-buy them



Wheels2050 said:

I think something like this would work better than some other RPGs as an MMO. The problem with MMORPGs is that you're no longer the sole saviour of the world - there are millions of other people doing the same thing as you.

As a result it can be tough to make players feel important or like they're making a difference. Something like Inazuma Eleven, where you have a team of your own to manage - without requiring a "save the world" story to feel important - could nicely sidestep that problem.



GARF13LD said:

I would be all over this, though for now I would be just happy if they release the 3DS version as I am currently loving the first game on the DS.



FonistofCruxis said:

@Pikminmonster Why? Just because you don't like a series, doesn't mean there shouldn't be more entries in it as others enjoy the series. I don't like Monster hunter for example but I don't act as though there shouldn't be any more entries in the series and if you're not interested why bother posting on this article at all?



Rargon said:

@ToadFan I agree, I'm down with any new RPG for my 3DS. And awhile we're on that subject. HEY Level-5! Where's Layton Vs. Attorney? D:



theblackdragon said:

^ Considering that kid looks about 12 at most, the fact that they're jailbait would be a bigger issue than the fact that they look female IMO.



theblackdragon said:

you asked. i explained. referring to a person as a 'trap' implies that they're got something to hide that will eventually be revealed within a bedroom setting. it also implies that they are indeed attempting to hide their birth gender for either the purpose of surprise upon discovery or to intentionally mislead other people, neither of which are welcoming assumptions to be made about anyone. if you do not want your words to be taken in such a manner next time, please consider them with more care.



Min said:

I don't really want to add fuel to the flame here but... She did ask, but you're making the assumption that she meant it in a sexual manner, which she did not, as she's made abundantly clear... Just saying.



theblackdragon said:

and I'm 'just saying' that the word 'trap' is not something to be thrown around casually regarding 12-year-olds. I realize now that the intent was not there, and I have educated Phoenixborn regarding the other ways that particular word can be taken (assuming she did not know before), therefore the misassumption can be avoided in the future.



mizzy_helen said:

I'm a fan of this series. Played both DS games, it surprised me because it was more fun than I expected. So all I'm gonna say is: 'release and I will play'

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